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3.6 | Raleigh, NC | Telecommunications | 501 to 1000 Employees
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Typical startup feel - “fun” company sponsored activities attempting to cover lack of decent pay.

Indifferent Rater
Early Career

While I love it at Bandwidth it can be a bit of a boys club and there is a lot of unnecessary competitiveness internally.

Indifferent Rater
Senior-Level is an amazing place to work. As a single mother, I greatly appreciate all of the flexibility i have in my work hours/telecommute. I also love their benefits package. They emphasize work-life balance, but also offer room to grow your career. I would strongly recommend this employer to anyone.

Satisfied Rater
Early Career
Bandwidth logo

Your Music Matters When You Are a Part of The BAND!


Bandwidth is a software company that’s transforming the way people communicate and challenging the standards of old telecom. Together with our customers, we’re unlocking remarkable value, questioning the status quo, and helping people interact with technology and one another, oftentimes in ways they never dreamed possible.

Haven’t heard of Bandwidth? You’ve probably used one of our products before. We power some of the most important communications technologies on the market today—names like Google, Skype and Ring Central to name a few. At Bandwidth, we’ve got a passion for doing things the other way—imagining what they could be and uncovering opportunities to take a new approach to create what should be. We’re out to disrupt the century-old rules of the telecom industry—and that means doing things differently in every area of our business. It’s in the way we treat our people, and how we create with our customers. Whether our engineering teams are crunching code during all-night hack-a-thons or our team members are competing in a Big Idea competition, we love to dive in and get our hands dirty. No idea at Bandwidth is too big or too small, and every voice gets a listen.

Our folks have diverse backgrounds from all over the world. Crave innovation? We live for it. No one here is getting a blue ribbon for shaking their head and agreeing with the higher ups. At Bandwidth, we don’t hold back. We speak our minds, share our ideas—and let them soar. We think, we dream, we reimagine what’s possible…because we know that’s the only way we can unlock remarkable value. And that’s what really gets us fired up.

Benefits & Perks

This information is provided by Bandwidth


Schedules & Flexibility

  • 16 paid time off days/year (average)
  • 8 paid holidays/year
  • Occasional remote work available

Training & Education

  • On-site training opportunities
  • Conference reimbursement

Family Leave

  • 8 weeks fully paid maternity leave

Family Support

  • Dedicated lactation facilities

Wellness Initiatives

  • Gym membership subsidy
  • Tobacco-free workplace
  • Standing and/or walking desks
  • Subsidized healthy food
  • On-site fitness classes and/or equipment
  • Nutrition and/or weight management counseling
  • Yoga and/or meditation
  • 90-minute work out lunches, Quarterly Mind/Body/Spirit Challenges for extra PTO days

Office perks

  • Frequent social activities
  • Creative Lounge

Jobs at Bandwidth

Full-time | Raleigh, NC
Full-time | Raleigh, NC
Full-time | Raleigh, NC
Full-time | Raleigh, NC
Full-time | Raleigh, NC
Bandwidth is a telecommunications company headquartered in the Raleigh, NC area that employs 501 to 1000 people. Bandwidth has a 3.6-star InHerSight Score, based on 46 ratings from a confidential number of current or former employees. 3 participants left comments about their experience working for the company. InHerSight collects anonymous employee ratings and reviews from women for companies like Bandwidth and shares that information publicly to empower working women to make better decisions about their careers and where they work.

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