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Makeup Gets a Tutorial

June 10: Badass women and the news that affects them

Mitra Norowzi

Company Culture

  • Sephora (3.2 stars) closed stores nationwide for an hour Wednesday for mandatory diversity training. The move comes in response to an incident that occurred last month when SZA, a black singer-songwriter, was racially profiled by an employee who called security on her and accused her of stealing. Props to Sephora for choosing such a sweeping response. Paper Magazine

  • Bank of America’s (3.3 stars) incoming summer interns will be it most diverse group yet. Women will make up 47 percent of the summer intern class, up from 45 percent in 2018. People of color will make up 57 percent of the U.S. group, up from 55 percent in 2018. To achieve this more diverse class, Bank of America introduced a video interview component and increased recruitment at historically black colleges and universities and Hispanic-serving institutions. Bloomberg

  • Nike (3.3 stars) has announced plans to expand its subsidized child care offerings, but the news is receiving mixed reviews. Nike’s current child care facility is located at its corporate headquarters and has about 500 parents on its waiting list. The location of the new center will be off-site but will have room for almost all the kids on the waiting list. There are positives there for sure, but employees are reluctant to give up the convenience and security of having their children nearby. They also have concerns about Endeavor Schools, the for-profit child care network Nike will partner with at the new center. Bloomberg

  • In other Nike-related news, the athletic wear company has introduced plus size and para-athlete mannequins in its flagship store to provide representation for all women athletes. Bustle

InHerSight Research

  • The top-four predictors of women’s overall job satisfaction are the reason many companies continue to make headlines—for all the wrong reasons. InHerSight

  • We asked our database what they want most from employers. Turns out, Maslow’s hierarchy of needs rings true in the workplace. InHerSight

  • Our content strategist Emily McCrary-Ruiz-Esparza surveyed working women about what they believe is an appropriate amount of maternity leave. Here's why calling current benefits "generous" glosses over women's needs. Fast Company

Quick Hits

  • The Women’s World Cup kicked off last week, shining the spotlight again on the U.S. team because of their continued fight for equal pay. (Oh, and they’re the reigning champs.) Their first match is tomorrow. InHerSight

  • The State of the World's Fathers, a study by Promundo, was released last week. The findings confirm what most moms know: In heterosexual couples, women still spend more time taking care of their kids than men do. According to researchers, dads need to spend about 50 more minutes with their kids, and moms 50 minutes less. Our CEO wrote in April about how she navigated that responsibilities divide with her husband. BizWomen
  • New York City has become the first city to offer financial support to women musicians after setting aside $500,000 worth of grant money for local women-identifying artists. Forbes

  • Actress Ali Stroker became the first person in a wheelchair to win a Tony Award on Sunday for her role as Ado Annie in the Broadway revival of the musical “Oklahoma!” As she accepted the award, she told the crowd, “This award is for every kid who is watching tonight who has a disability, who has a limitation or a challenge, who has been waiting to see themselves represented in this arena—you are.” NY Times

  • Should “woman” be used to replace “female” as an adjective? Grammar traditionalists are resisting the change. Self-proclaimed comma queen Mary Norris explores some of the reasons “female” as a descriptor is so off-putting to many women (including us). The New Yorker

Around the World

  • United Kingdom: Five men and teenagers have been arrested by British police on charges of verbally and physically assaulting two women on the deserted top deck of a double decker bus. The men approached Melania Geymonat and her girlfriend, Chris, making lewd, aggressive comments and demanding the two women kiss. When the women refused, the men physically attacked them, punching and robbing them. UK officials including London Mayor Sadiq Khan and Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn have condemned the attack as a vicious display of homophobia. NY Times

  • Canada: The results of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s 2016 inquiry into the murders of indigenous women are in—indigenous women are 12 times more likely to be killed or disappear than other women in Canada, and Canada itself is complicit. After three years of hearings and investigation, the 1,200-page report concluded that deeply rooted colonial oppression and state inaction are responsible for the disproportionate suffered by Canada’s indigenous women. BBC

  • Japan: In order to increase the proportion of working women to 80 percent, the Japanese government says it needs to add at least 320,000 additional publicly subsidized day care slots. But, that can be difficult when the work culture is especially hostile to mothers and pregnancy discrimination extends even to day care teachers, who are pressured to quit their jobs when they have kids. It’s also customary for Japanese companies to require women to wear heels, but there’s a petition to change that. NY Times

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