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27 Companies with Transgender Health Care Benefits

Surgeries, mental health counseling, travel reimbursements, and more

Transgender flag
Photo courtesy of Sharon McCutcheon

Since 2002, the Human Rights Campaign Foundation has been tracking whether major employers rated in their Corporate Equality Index (CEI), a benchmarking tool that measures policies, practices, and benefits pertinent to LGBTQ+ employees, offer at least one transgender-inclusive health care coverage plan. In 2002, there were zero companies that met their guidelines, which include things like mental health counseling, hormone therapy, medical visits, surgical procedures, and other treatments related to transitioning.

Now, in 2022, 662 major businesses have adopted gender transition guidelines and 91 percent of CEI-rated businesses offer at least one transgender-inclusive health care plan option.

Not only are transgender benefits imperative for an inclusive workplace, but they can also be life-saving—78 percent of trans people report overall mental health improvements after receiving gender-confirming treatment, mental health conditions such as depression, anxiety, and stress dwindle after treatment, and suicide rates decline, too. 

Feeling safe, accepted, and supported throughout a transition at work has a huge impact on employees’ overall happiness and wellbeing. Molly, an employee at Capital One, recounts, "I transitioned from male to female while working at Capital One, and the sheer amount of support I received continues to overwhelm me. My manager and my skip leader observed that the quality of my work had made a huge leap after I became comfortable with my full self. That’s the power of inclusion." 

Below are just a few of the companies that are supporting trans employees in their journey and helping fight for their employees’ rights to feel seen and respected. 

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27 companies that offer transgender health care benefits

1. Airbnb

What they offer: Medical coverage that follows the World Professional Association for Transgender Health (WPATH) standards of care.

2. PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC)

What they offer: A lifetime maximum of $75,000 for trans-related procedures and health care coverage for employees and their dependents.


What they offer: Unlimited gender transition benefits, when possible, including gender confirmation surgery and internal resources to help managers and team members support employees who are transitioning.

4. Adobe 

What they offer: Coverage for medically necessary services for gender affirming care, including, but not limited to: gender confirmation surgery, breast augmentation, mastectomies, hormone therapy, hair removal, facial feminization and masculinization surgery, voice surgery, hair reconstruction, voice and communication therapy, and more.

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5. Capital One

What they offer: Coverage of reconstructive surgeries and procedures, prescription medication benefits, and 24/7 access to virtual doctors appointments and mental health care.

6. EY

What they offer: Coverage of $25,000 for gender transition-related expenses not covered by a medical plan.

7. Meta

What they offer: Medical coverage plans for transgender services and a specialty team to provide additional support such as clinical support, ongoing education, help with provider searches and claims resolutions, and help reviewing diagnostic and treatment decisions.

8. IKEA Group

What they offer: Coverage for a portion of gender confirmation counseling and surgery.

9. Johnson & Johnson 

What they offer: Transgender-inclusive health insurance coverage including gender confirmation surgery and a “trans liaison” to help throughout transition processes.

10. Morgan Stanley

What they offer: Coverage of gender confirmation surgery, hormone therapy, and facial augmentation and voice therapy, 16 free and confidential sessions per year with a mental health therapist, and benefits advocates to help you find quality doctors, schedule appointments, handle billing and claims issues, and coordinate complex medical situations for employees and their extended family.

11. Netflix

What they offer: Coverage for gender confirmation surgery, hormone therapy, and up to $10,000 in travel reimbursement for gender affirming care. 

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12. PayPal

What they offer: Coverage for the cost of lodging and travel for gender confirmation surgery, hormone replacement therapy, voice modification surgery, mastectomy or breast implants, hair removal, facial feminization surgery, puberty suppression, and drug coverage for hormone support.

13. Starbucks

What they offer: Coverage for gender confirmation surgery, breast reduction or augmentation surgery, facial feminization, hair transplants, and more.

14. Wells Fargo

What they offer: Coverage for gender confirmation surgery, pre- and postsurgical hormone therapy, facial feminization surgery, facial bone reduction, facial hair removal, hair transplant, voice modification surgery, and voice therapy.

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15. Progressive Insurance

What they offer: Transgender-inclusive health care and domestic partner benefits. 

16. Uber Technologies

What they offer: Coverage for gender affirming surgery and Global Gender Transition Guidelines that explain their support system for transitioning employees as well as guidelines for coworkers, HR representatives, managers, friends, and family.

17. Salesforce

What they offer: Coverage for gender confirmation surgeries, prescription drugs, hormonal therapy, and hair transplant and removal, four weeks of paid leave for employees to take the time they need to recover after a gender confirmation procedure, a $500 wardrobe reimbursement, and mental health counseling services.

18. Spotify

What they offer: Coverage for the medical costs of masculine and feminization treatments. 

19. Google

What they offer: A medical advocacy program for transgender employees and up to $75,000 coverage for gender confirmation surgery, facial feminization, pectoral implants, and other transition-related medical services or treatments.  

20. Wayfair

What they offer: Transgender-inclusive health care and policies to support gender transitions. 

21. Squarespace

What they offer: Coverage for gender confirmation services and procedures, an employee assistance program for confidential professional guidance and counseling support services, and special leave that may be taken for medical or legal practitioner appointments, changing dress and presentation, and attending counseling.

22. Dropbox

What they offer: Gender confirmation surgery coverage with no requirements of mental health certifications, a travel benefit of up to $10,000 for employees who must travel more than 75 miles to obtain care that is not available in their home state, and mental health services including eight therapy and coaching sessions.

23. IBM

What they offer: Medical coverage for gender confirmation surgery and hormonal treatment.

24. The Walt Disney Company

What they offer: Assistance for employees and their children obtaining gender confirmation procedures including puberty blockers, breast removal, facial feminization surgeries, vocal surgery, speech therapy, trachea shaving, chest contouring, hair removal, hair transplants, and other gender confirmation surgeries.

25. Microsoft

What they offer: Not only was Microsoft an early leader in including sexual orientation in its corporate non-discrimination policy, but it continues to evolve to support employees—for instance, by broadening its health benefits to encompass medical needs for US-based transgender employees and their transgender dependents.

26. Allied Electronics & Automation

What they offer: Coverage for psychotherapy, hormone therapy, lab testing, medications, and certain surgical procedures for the treatment of gender identity dysphoria.

27. Intuit

What they offer: Coverage for hormone therapy, lab testing, counseling services, gender confirmation surgery, voice therapy and lessons, preventive health screenings, and more. Plus, certain medical services may be eligible for travel and lodging benefits if there's no in-network provider available within 50-60 miles of employees' homes.

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