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7 Cool Things You Can Do on InHerSight

Find a company where you will thrive

Women searching on InHerSight
Photo courtesy of Jopwell

If you’ve rated your current or former employer on InHerSight, then you have an account on our platform—and access to more resources than you probably realize. Our site is built to carry women through the entirety of their careers—from ladder-climbing moments like interviews and promotions to impactful job decisions such as career changes, salary negotiations, and, in not-so-rare instances, reporting someone to HR.

We’re also here to inspire you to achieve something great, whatever that may be. Our perspective is that women’s career goals are diverse, but the endpoint is always pretty much the same: a career that makes you feel valued and fulfilled. These are a few ways you use our platform to achieve your goals:

1. Rate your company

Rating a company on InHerSight is the first step in helping us build reliable data about companies’ policies and culture as they relate to women. Although we ask you to share personal information like your email and location when you sign up, we never share that information with employers—nor can they pay us for it—so rating a company is completely anonymous. As for reasons you should rate, the number-one reason is so you can have a direct impact on the way our workforce treats women. InHerSight works with companies to understand why their scores are low in certain areas, and we celebrate businesses that are modeling female-friendly approaches to work.

Our hope is that, with more data, we can get more companies to follow the lead of their high-scoring peers. When you rate and re-rate, you provide the insight we need to assess the state of our workforce.

2. Get matched to your dream job

Again, we know each woman has her own needs and wants. So when you sign up with our platform, we ask you to indicate which of our 16 factors—things like equal opportunities for women and men, salary satisfaction, maternity leave, and PTO—are most important to you. Then we use your job title, favorite factors, and location to assess which jobs posted on our platform are from companies that will, hopefully, knock your socks off.

Jobs, you say? InHerSight has jobs?

Yes, we do! Companies post new jobs on our site all the time. So if it’s important to you to have great coworkers, you can get matched to an employer that receives high scores for its company culture and has a job opening in your field. You can view your matches when you’re logged into our site. They’re available in your InHerSight Dashboard.

3. Follow companies you admire (or want to work for)

Maybe you’ve been scoping out highly rated companies and you’ve found your soulmate, a company that checks every box and then some. You should follow them.

The “Follow” button is located on the top right of each company’s page (scroll down a bit so you’re looking only at the “employee ratings”). By clicking that button, you’re telling us you want updates when that company posts jobs, has news, or is mentioned in our articles. Following companies also saves them in your account so you don’t have to remember which ones you’ve liked so far.

4. Ask other women for career advice

Our Community feature is an excellent asset for women who want to ask for or share career advice. In your profile, set up a secret identity so you’ll have a nickname to post under, then ask your burning question or share your great tip. Like our ratings, the Community is completely anonymous. You just be the EarnestDiamondHedgehog you were born to be. (This name will make sense once you set up your secret identity.)

5. Subscribe to our awesome content emails

Our editorial team works with a team of contributors to provide inspirational and informative articles on women in the workforce. Whether you’re data-minded, looking for career guidance, want to know which companies or women are on our radar, or love a good quote roundup (don’t we all), you’ll find a mix of topics to choose from in our biweekly emails.

6. Participate in ongoing research

In conjunction with our ratings, we also poll or survey our users regularly to collect data on women in the workforce. You can sift through our studies by visiting the Research tab on our site, and if you’re rating a company (whether for the first time or for a re-rate), you might get tapped to answer a question or two. When that happens, we’ll ask you to anonymously weigh in on a variety of topics, but if we want more in-depth responses, we might ask you if you’re okay with us setting up a phone interview for a story or for user feedback. Whether you participate at all is your choice.

7. Email us

Our staff regularly responds to requests or questions that come to our company email, Suggest an area for us to research or a topic for our editorial team to cover. If you receive our emails, you can also respond when you see something you like (or don’t!) to tell us what you think. We want to hear how you’re engaging in the workforce, what you think about InHerSight, and what you’d like to see from us next.

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