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Mid-Level Office Assistant

Why is it so hard to find a job during kids school hours? Employers consider it part time and turn you down right away. I used to find temp part time jobs at staffing companies, but none lately. I do look on my own at major apps such as Indeed & Monster. Am I probably not looking in the right places?

Moms not welcome for jobs during school hours
Find other job engines
Not looking in the right places
Early Career Warehouse Associate

I've been working at my current job for about a year now and I have been a hard worker, someone who is punctual, I am very respectful with my management but the problem here is the company I'm with refuses to give me pay increases because they feel I get too distracted while I'm working even though it's an apparent excuse to get out of giving me a wage increase. What would you do in this situation?

Go to Corporate and complain
Mid-Level International Student And Scholar Officer

Someone who reports to me for half her job and another woman for the other half of her job just called me out in a meeting, saying, "I don't want to work like this" and "I'm tired of the attitude." I have been a bit tired and am probably giving off a ho hum vibe, but who doesn't sometimes? What do I do???

Anything else I can't think of?
Wait for her to come to me in private
Apologize to her
Mid-Level Associate Trainer

How/where can I find out average starting salary for a particular job and company (especially if I don't know anyone in the biz)? I don't want to sell myself short nor do I want to waste my time interviewing for a low budget company.

Fill out numerous survey answers to learn of your value.
Call the HR department and ask them outright.
Mid-Level Administrative Assistant

What are the chances for an administrative assistant of getting a remote job?

It's almost impossible.
There are a lot of opportunities.
Early Career Editorial Intern

Do you work in the same city/state you when to college in?

same state but not same city
not the same city or same state
same city and same state
Senior-Level Business / Product

Has your company made any changes to its sexual harassment training, reporting options, or response process as a result of #metoo?

Yes, they've made changes and I'm excited about them
Yes, but I'm not sure how effective the changes will be
No, just crickets

I’m Mexican looking for a job in the US, any advice or company I should look for?

Sure! You can find job in...
Not even try
There’s a lot of options
Mid-Level Key Account Manager

I work remote and love the idea of my job. The challenge is the company I work for cannot live up to the deliverables they promise. I report into the CEO, and he is dismissive and non responsive to my needs in order to execute partnerships and down right verbally abusive. I am left defeated and unfulfilled but am terrified to leave because I don’t want to lose our income or flexibility. We are relocating to another state and I’m deciding on best course of action to go forward as I’m at my breaking point. Any advice?

How do I get his attention to focus on delivering on his promises?
Or Should I go?
Should I stay?
Senior-Level Store Manager

I am currently the Store Manager of an Automotive shop in a small town in north Mississippi. The fact that I work in a male dominated field to begin with is a struggle and the fact that I was able to secure the postion of store manager in this town. But since being hired, I have been spoken down to, screamed at and told I’m not doing a good job. Now, I have been in this business for 18 years, I know what I’m doing. When another manager of the opposite sex performs poorly, they get a pat on the back and “That’s ok buddy. You’ll do better tomorrow.” This is a right to work state, so I really have nothing to back me up if I say anything. They will just fire me and move on to the next person without batting an eye. I make ok money, but if it’s a slow week, I make very little. What should I do?

Just deal with it
Early Career Merchandiser/Vender And An Editor Of Indy Author

I have a lot of skills, kind of a ‘Jack of All Trades’ how can I show my nonprofessional skills? Just examples... I can drywall and do all the finishing to it but I did it in my own home. I have also done background checks and researched people for friends before they meet them.

Put it as work experience on your resume
They won’t take it seriously
You can’t
Add another area to my resume to list personal skills
Mid-Level Communications, Community Relations, Foundations, Jack Of All Trades

I have years of experience at the mid-management level but have been used as upper (without the pay or perks) and keep getting passed up. How can I move up if my resume doesn’t truly match my work?

Look for a new job that is equal or below my current and hope I move up faster
Look for a new higher job outside the company
Ask for a raise and title change
Senior-Level Business / Product

If you have a mentor, how often do you find yourself going to them for help?

Rarely, no more than once a quarter
Sometimes, every month or so as things come up
Often, at least weekly
Senior-Level Recruiter

Because of the teachers strike, I brought my 5 year old daughter to the office with me. It wasn't well received and it was...awkward. I'm a little disappointed. How is your office with kids?

Not sure
Kids are not welcome
Kids are welcome
Early Career Administrative Assistant

A male coworker who sits across from me stares at me a lot. He doesn't do anything else -- just stares whenever he doesn't think I'm looking. Would this be considered harassment?

Early Career Registered Nurse

Folks with limited (under 2 weeks / year) PTO! Do you save it all up for one big trip or break it into smaller chunks?

Something else
Smaller chunks
One big trip
Early Career Account Executive

Do you ever make up an illness or other excuse just to get out of work?

Mid-Level Project Manager

Need a gut-check on this. I JUST found out I'm pregnant, and I've JUST thrown my name into the ring for a newly-created, higher-level position at my company. Seems silly, but...when should I tell them?

Never tell them 😈
Wait as long as you can
As soon as possible
Mid-Level Graphic Designer

Where do you think you're most productive?

Working in public
Working at the office
Working from home