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Career Change

Seventy-three percent of women want to change careers—and it looks like you're one of them! Learn the ins and outs of making the switch.

Career Development

What Does a Project Manager Do?

“At the end of the day, we’re not dealing with numbers, we’re dealing with people”

Career Development

What Does a Product Manager Do?

"A product manager should fall in love the with the problem and not the solution"

Career Development

What Does a Customer Success Manager Do?

Three women on their roles in customer success

Ask a Recruiter

Ask a Recruiter: Can I Learn to Love My Unfulfilling Job?

How to make sure your cup overfloweth

Return to Work

15 Companies Offering ‘Returnship’ or Return-to-Work Programs

We see you, tech

Career Development

2 Career Women on Change, Reinvention & Thriving

Start a business, tackle debt, and stay sane


8 Personality Tests That Can Tell You About Your Career Strengths & Weaknesses

Get to know yourself to improve yourself

Career Change

How to Write a Career Change Resume

How to flex your transferable skills

Career Development

How an Existential Crisis Can Affect Your Career

Quick question here: What’s the meaning of life?

Career Development

What to Do When You Have No Idea What You’re Doing

Do any of us, really?


How & When to Use a Functional Resume

When you need to show rather than tell


How to Successfully Pick Someone’s Brain

First step: Don’t say “pick your brain”

Career Development

Help! I Don’t Know What to Do With My Life

Is it time to panic yet?

Career Development

What Are the Best Jobs for Introverts?

*turns off the lights*

Career Development

12 Aptitude Tests to Further Your Career

When you need a little help finding direction (or just for fun)


7 Steps to Take to Achieve Financial Literacy

Cash! The final frontier


How to Ask for a Job

Tell them why you're the most qualified person for the job they haven't created yet


How to Get a Better Job Sooner Than Later

Because you deserve to be happy at work


Ask a Recruiter: How Can I ‘Pitch’ Myself for a Job I’m Not Qualified For?

How to frame the experience you do have as sought-after skills

Career Development

Ask a Recruiter: How Do I Discover My Hidden Talents?

If I hype myself up, will I *always* get dinged for being a woman?