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Multiple Studies Find Women Today at Higher Risk for Maternal Mortality

According to the CDC, women in the U.S. are more likely to die from childbirth and other pregnancy-related conditions than other women in the developed world. In addition, a Harvard University study found that women in the U.S. are now 50 percent more likely to die during childbirth than their mothers were. Maternal mortality is defined as the death of a woman during pregnancy or up to 42 days after childbirth. Harvard Medical School Professor Neel Shah elaborates that for every death, several pregnancy-related conditions can lead to 100 severe injuries: high blood pressure, blood clots, anxiety disorders, etc. Within the tally of maternal deaths, very few actually occur during childbirth—most occur in the months leading up to a pregnancy or the weeks after. These deaths reflect a failure on the healthcare system: Not only do we need to improve the safety of medical care; we also need to take the initiative to educate women on physical warning signs and the importance of mental health.


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