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  1. Blog
  2. Parenting
  3. June 14, 2024

28 Working Dads Share How Their Companies Support Them as Parents

“Our leadership team truly understands that families come first, and each is unique. I am proud to work for this amazing company.”

Josh Raysor and children
Photo courtesy of VTS

Father’s Day is a time to celebrate the dads who tirelessly balance the demands of work and family life. But what makes this balancing act a little easier? Supportive workplaces. In an era where the definition of family and work is constantly evolving, companies that offer robust benefits to working dads play a crucial role in fostering a culture of inclusivity and balance.

To shine a light on the best practices, we spoke with 28 working dads from our partner companies. They shared the innovative ways their employers support their journey as professionals and parents. From flexible work schedules to comprehensive parental leave policies, these dads reveal the benefits that help them thrive both at home and at work. Here’s how their companies are making a difference in their lives, one benefit at a time.

How does your company’s culture support you as a working parent?

“Markforged has provided me the flexibility to work my schedule around the common struggles of being a parent, whether that is back to back colds or sleepless nights. I've always had the support to put my family first. This allows me to bring my best to work when I don't need to stress about my family's wellbeing.”

—Brady Adams, Principal Software Engineer, Markforged

“I’ve worked for Whataburger for 20 years and have seen how the brand honors family, so I had no doubt it would be the same when I became a dad in 2021. Being flexible with my schedule has allowed me to be present for precious milestones. I'm happy to extend this to my team, aligning with the brand's mission of supporting families.

—Teofilo Andrade Jr., Whataburger Market Leader, Whataburger

"YETI's hybrid environment allows me to work some days remotely. This flexibility support achieving a work-life balance; from simple things like preparing dinner to take the time saved from the commute and convert it into quality family time. It is also easy to focus on yourself and your family while away from the office because the whole team will support you and cover your projects."

—Hector Barea, Sr. Manager, Design Engineering, YETI

"Bandwidth is the type of company that has proven its support of its employees and their families by the programs created and enacted. They provide an exceptional health care plan that fully covers my family, company “challenges”  that let us earn extra days off, and even a Montessori inspired school on our new campus. Whenever I’ve had a sick child or doctor’s appointment, my manager has always been both flexible and accommodating."

—Andrew Barker, National Account Manager II, Bandwidth

“We are encouraged to be well-rounded people. Our leaders have family obligations as well—and that’s a good thing. I don’t want to miss a school event, dance competition, or hockey game. Sometimes that requires flexibility. So, I use my personal time for my kids’ events and carve out time on weekends to work so I can stay ahead of projects. Being there for my family is positive energy that I bring to the workday.”

—Jeff Bucki, Lead Copywriter, Delaware North

"Work-life balance isn't a joke here. Flexible work schedules mean I can be there for my kid's milestones and still crush my deadlines. Plus, generous personal time lets me truly connect with my family, guilt-free. At YETI, I can win on both fronts."

—Greg Breitmaier, Sustainability Program Manager, YETI

"The Great Clips® salon culture is what’s keeping me. My franchisees are very supportive of my family needs. When I interviewed for a stylist position, I asked for Sundays off because it's my "Son-day" (single dad). It wasn't at all an issue. The schedule offers flexibility, so I can fulfill my role as a father.  Now that I'm an assistant General Manager, I have a "family first" policy too.  I'm grateful to have the support, not just at work but at home as well. My teenage son always asks about my workday and about all my work trips. It isn't easy being a single dad, but with all the support I get from the salon team and at home, it makes it feel like a breeze."

—Donjie, Great Clips® Salon Assistant General Manager and National Design Team Member, Great Clips*  

“Intuit's culture and flexible work strategy allow me to balance office life, home life, and now tour life in my unique situation. I have office duties in Atlanta, a 7 year old at home, and a 9 year old on a national Broadway tour. This has posed several challenges, and Intuit has been very cooperative in helping make it all happen.”

—Stephen Epley, Manager - Network Engineering and Network Security, Intuit

“As a relatively new father, I'm deeply grateful for Taulia's flexibility, which has been invaluable in navigating the unpredictable demands of parenthood. This support not only eased my personal stress but also enabled me to return to work with renewed focus and productivity. I'm truly thankful for Taulia's commitment to employee wellbeing, which ultimately benefits both me and the company.”

—Jacob Fresneda, Regional Sales Manager, Taulia

“A 2-year-old daughter is my greatest blessing, but it's also the biggest responsibility I've ever taken on. The work culture at Intuit is great for parents like me, and it is flexible, trusting, and continuously evolving to make it easier for colleagues and employees to juggle it all.”

—Daniel Gonzalez, Senior Business Manager, Growth Strategy, Intuit

“Taulia has an outcome-based culture, where you are empowered to figure out the best way to deliver the results expected of you. That culture provides important flexibility for me as a father of six kids so that I can be present in their lives for important activities. We work hard, but we work smart. By allowing this approach, it actually motivates me to show up in my work as an even better version of myself.”

—Craig Goodman, Sales Director, Taulia

"Bandwidth allows for great flexibility in my work schedule to support my needs as a working parent. With good communication and planning, I have the freedom to adjust my schedule in order to be there for my children’s important moments, like birthday celebrations at school, doctor’s appointments, and special events like music class showcases. The support also covers unexpected events that may arise, such as getting them early from school if they are sick."

—Russell Katz, Director Commercial Legal, Bandwidth

“Taulia has been nothing but great since I joined. Taulia, my manager and colleagues have always been supportive of putting your family first. The quality time I can spend with my son, such as a quick morning or afternoon playground stop, being there when he is sick or just taking the proper time for dinner and bedtime, makes working at Taulia truly so rewarding. It also gives you that extra energy at work.”

—Konstantin Kleemann, Customer Success Manager, Taulia

“PRT is extremely supportive of working parents in several ways. PRT has created a working culture that allows their employees the opportunity to have successful careers, while still taking an active role in caring for their families. Because of the support of management, emphasis on work-life balance, the ability to take time off when needed, and for some positions, the a hybrid work schedule.”

—Alex Kumnik, Training Support Administrator Bus and Rail Training, Pittsburgh Regional Transit

"The flexibility I have at VTS is probably the main reason I continue to work here. Even before COVID I found myself working from home if I needed to. Perhaps my daughter had a doctor's appointment or a parent-teacher conference. Maybe my wife was up all night consoling or feeding her. Or maybe my son would be born five weeks early and kick off my parental leave a month after I started working. Those are all things I never have to think about as I work here. We just make it work."

—Joe Letizia, Engineering Manager, VTS

"Paternity Leave is an incredibly important, and sometimes overlooked, benefit. My first daughter was born in 2015 and my second daughter in 2018. At this point in time of YETI's growth, there was no Paternity Leave. To compensate on both occasions, I cashed out my entire year of PTO to spend that valuable time with my newborn baby. Now with a third child, I have the ability to take several weeks paternity leave and still bank some PTO on top of that. It's a game-changer. My team, as well as our leadership at YETI, is incredibly supportive of family. If someone needs to leave early to pick up their sick kid from daycare, the default response is "family first". Small gestures, like a gifted baby bath towel in the shape of a rabbit from my boss, help reinforce this message. I try to model this same culture and these same behaviors for my team as they join the Dad (or Mom) Club."

—Erik Larson, Director, Operation Engineering, YETI

“Being a working dad is not always easy; however, Whataburger promotes a great work-life balance. We look out for one another. My leaders understand the importance of not missing out on being in the stands to cheer on our kids, and for this I am thankful. My son started at 16 with Whataburger and has now been with the company for over three years. He is currently a team leader and plans on following in my footsteps.”

—Douglas McCown, Operating Partner, Montgomery, Texas, Whataburger

“I've found tremendous support and understanding within our organizational culture. Our leaders prioritize flexibility, recognizing the diverse needs of employees balancing work and family life. My manager fosters open communication, making it easy to discuss any adjustments needed to accommodate my parental responsibilities. The supportive culture ensures a healthy work-life balance.” 

—Gabriel McKnight, Rail and Facilities Administrator, Pittsburgh Regional Transit

“The culture of the KinderCare brands is one I have never experienced in my professional career. It encourages me to put my family first so I can be the best husband, father, and leader. The KinderCare culture allows me to always prioritize my six children as a working father. I am entirely grateful to work for such an amazing organization.”

—James Mott, Regional Director – Champions, KinderCare Learning Companies

“Feeling supported and valued makes a huge difference as a working parent. Having dedicated leaders who support our company culture has given me flexibility, understanding, and resources to help balance work and my family life, easing some of the challenges of juggling multiple responsibilities. Our leadership team truly understands that families come first, and each is unique. I am proud to work for this amazing company.”

—Danny Noonan, Regional Director – Champions, KinderCare Learning Companies

“At Whataburger, family comes first. Working in the field means lots of travel; at previous companies I didn’t have the freedom to manage my own schedule, so I'd often miss important family days. Whataburger gives me freedom to choose when I’m home to attend family events. We hardly miss a Sunday service, and that is especially important to our family. I am proud to bleed orange and proud to be a WhataDAD 24/7.”

—Ruben Olivas, Director, Asset Protection, Whataburger

“My company’s culture makes me feel included and valued as a member of a diverse and collaborative team. I get to work with people who have different backgrounds, perspectives, and experiences, and I gain new insights from them every day. My manager and leaders give me autonomy to manage my own time and workload, and they offer me flexibility when I need it. I also feel confident expressing my own thoughts and ideas.”

—Iván Pedraza, Sr Manager, Total Rewards, Watkins Wellness

"Bandwidth’s onsite Montessori inspired school helps me focus at work, while knowing my kids are getting a best-in-class preschool education. Our gym and 90 minute workout lunches also help parents prioritize their health, so we can be present for our families at home. Programs like email embargoes while on PTO help Bandmates spend time with their families and recharge while being able to fully disengage from work, creating a work environment that emphasizes work-life balance."

—Madhu Ramasubramanian, Software Development Manager II, Bandwidth

“When my wife became pregnant, we learned that her job offered no paid family leave. Thanks to VTS’ gender-neutral parental leave policy, I was able to be our son’s primary caretaker during his first months of life, a precious and unforgettable experience. I am also grateful to have team members who work around my kids’ school schedules. VTS helps me be a better and more involved dad while staying committed to my career”

—Josh Raysor, Senior Software Engineer, VTS

“My manager never fails to ask about my family affairs and activities every time we speak. While some may see this as being a small gesture of conversation, it reminds me that family is always first. Whenever I need family time, the communication between my district leader and me helps to make those family decisions centered around work. He is also willing to lend a helping hand with the program if it is ever needed.”

—Walter Swanson, Center Director – KinderCare Learning Centers, KinderCare Learning Companies

“My managers at Watkins Wellness have consistently prioritized flexibility in my schedule so that I can be present for my family. I feel confident that I can request the time I need to juggle family life with work life, and I will receive utmost support.”

—David Wright, Brand Manager, Saunas, Watkins Wellness

“The culture here has been great in regards to work/life balance. I travel often but am afforded time with my family to work from home, which has been very beneficial.

—Justin West, Field Operations Specialist, Seven Seas Water Group

“Everyone around me—my managers, peers, team—understands and respects my obligations for my two small children. I feel fully supported and trusted whenever I need to make flexible plans or last minute adjustments to do my best both at work and as a dad. Parenthood is also celebrated with family-friendly events and a community of parents alike!”

—Sizhu You, Head of Materials Engineering, Markforged

*All Great Clips® salons are independently owned and operated by third party franchisees. Franchisees, not Great Clips, Inc., are responsible for all hiring and personnel matters at their individual salons.

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