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25 Best Jobs for Moms, As Rated by Working Moms (2022)

These roles bring flexibility and job satisfaction

Working mom with her daughter
Photo courtesy of Sai De Silva

Women tend to feel a much more significant burden than men when raising a family and working at the same time. They are often the ones who take on the housework and coordinate child care, even while trying to move up in their jobs. 

One report found mothers 40 percent more likely than fathers to say that issues with child care have harmed their careers.

The pandemic has only increased these challenges. Women are far more burned out than men after dealing with COVID-19 for so long, as a report from and McKinsey & Company found.

Especially as offices are returning to in-person work and people are ramping up their job searches, it’s important to know what kinds of careers are most supportive and fulfilling for moms. These are jobs that offer support, whether financially or related to wellness, and provide flexibility and room to grow, and can be found at some of the best companies around.

Here are the 25 best jobs for moms, as rated by working moms.

25 of the best jobs for moms, as rated by working moms

1. CEO (or owner or executive director)

It’s no surprise that women in the boss’s seat tend to have high job satisfaction. They likely bring in a pretty good salary and get to call the shots. They either founded their own company or just act as the top leader, and they can have lots of work flexibility to take care of their family duties.

But more than being at the top with all the power, women enjoy this role because they can foster change in the organization without having to jump through as many hoops. They can, for instance, focus on empowering other women and putting diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) initiatives to the forefront of company priorities. 

2. Talent acquisition manager

Being involved in the recruitment world can be satisfying and engaging. Talent acquisition managers made the top of this list likely because the job is never boring. Working moms can also have flexibility in where they work, which is a plus, and the salary is nice too—the U.S. average is well into six figures.

These managers tend to have robust networks to pull resources from and know the ins and outs of the hiring market at any given time. They’re good communicators and can identify the needs of both employers and employees.

3. ESL teacher

Becoming an ESL teacher can be more middle-of-the-road as far as salary, but it’s all about flexibility for moms. There is a lot of demand for these roles, so ESL teachers have job security. 

Depending on the institution, working remotely is pretty common, and teachers can choose their own schedules. Lots of working moms love that kind of flexibility and control. Some experience teaching or a college degree may be a necessity.

4. Realtor

Real estate agents also have lots of work schedule flexibility that moms love. They can schedule viewings and meetings based on their own schedules.

Realtors can see very high salaries, but the great thing is that they can usually choose how many clients to take on. So, if they’re busy with family obligations one year, they can take on less, and then increase their clientele and salary the next. On average, realtors make over $100k per year.

5. Flight attendant

At first glance, the life of the flight attendant may not seem ideal for working moms. They travel a lot (obviously) and delays and cancellations could make it more challenging to be consistent. 

However, this position made it high on our list because of the non-traditional scheduling that the job allows. Moms can take on trips when they know they have child care covered, and stay at home for days at a time. And, it doesn’t hurt that they can get away from home for a little while and land in some new state or country.

Becoming a flight attendant typically doesn’t require a college degree.

6. Senior software engineer

Women have been making big impacts in the STEM field, now making up half of the STEM workforce. While they’re still underrepresented in the software engineering realm, many working moms are choosing this route because of the potential for high pay and job consistency.

Glassdoor estimates that senior software engineers can bring in over $130,000 a year. Usually these engineers have at least a bachelor’s degree in a tech field.

7. Director of operations

Another role that working moms love is director of operations. These directors are very organized and efficient while they have to also manage other people. They’re great communicators and are great at aligning the big picture to everyday goals.

This is a pretty high role in companies, but the next step will usually be the chief operating officer. Both positions allow women to have some control and flexibility about when and how they work.

8. Substitute teacher

Many working moms may be hesitant to go back to a full-time commitment after they have children. That’s why many love substitute teaching, where they can get in hours but they’re not usually required to show up every day. It’s a little more of an unpredictable role, but perfect for moms who want to get their feet wet with teaching without signing onto a full school year.

9. Financial advisor

Financial advisors tend to be very organized, efficient individuals who are sharp with numbers and know a lot about the economy. It’s a satisfying role because they help people make sense of their finances every day. 

It’s common for advisors to go off on their own and create their own business, which provides flexibility for rates, scheduling, and meeting arrangements. As such, moms enjoy being able to help others while also staying in control of their work.

10. Senior consultant

Senior consultants are typically high-ranking roles that operate on a contract basis. These professionals have specialized skills and knowledge that allow them to lead projects and initiatives for companies. For example, they may step in and help a company become more profitable with more efficient practices.

These jobs can earn high salaries, and working moms can choose when they want to work. Consultants probably need to have years of experience in their field to run a successful business.

11. Claims adjuster

Working in the insurance field can have lots of benefits for moms, including that large carriers may offer high pay and stellar benefits packages. Becoming a claims adjuster can be a challenging, interesting option for moms. 

And, some claims adjusters go off on their own and consult with insurance companies, instead of working for them directly. Both paths can be fruitful.

12. Training manager

Another engaging position within a company is a training manager. Working moms may love these roles because they require critical thinking, creativity, and sometimes high energy to motivate people. 

Training managers make good money, too, with the average training manager salary in the U.S. being $108,958.

13. Account specialist or coordinator

Managing relationships with clients and customers is the name of the game for account specialists. They know how to keep clients happy and work hard to get new accounts for the company. These specialists are great communicators and committed to helping the company succeed. 

These roles are enticing for working moms because they may be able to have a strong benefits package at a large company that will support paid time off and flexible or remote work.

14. Human resources manager

HR managers take on lots of different tasks, from overseeing benefits administration to putting out personnel fires to coordinating recruitment and hiring. They are often the connecting piece between employees and upper management

There are always new concerns coming up for these managers, but they get to work directly with people and listen to their needs. And, they see average salaries at over $120,000 per year.

15. Retail associate

Many employees in retail at least start on a part-time basis, so moms can get back into the workforce or decide to take on less hours for good. Many retail associates receive benefits from the employer, including insurance and paid time off. 

Lots of working moms love working in a sales-focused setting where they help people find specific products and get to interact with others regularly. A college degree isn’t typically required for these roles, and they can lead to management positions.

16. Director of marketing

Marketing is a great career path for many women who want the potential to become high earners and stay relevant. Companies will always need marketers to provide creative ideas and help them connect with their audiences.

These roles often offer remote work options and scheduling flexibility, depending on the employer. Typically some kind of marketing or communications degree is required, whether a bachelor’s or a master’s.

17. Director of sales

More than just managing accounts or bringing in new customers, the director of sales is in charge of all sales operations. This includes managing the sales team and ensuring performance stays high.

This role brings a lot of responsibility with it, as sales are closely tied to the success of the company. Directors need to have several years of experience as a sales person.

Read more: What Does an Account Executive Do?

18. Technical support technician

Technical support technicians help people solve their issues with software, hardware, and other tech products. They usually answer the phone, emails, or live chat with customers looking for answers. 

These jobs often have non-traditional working hours so moms can find a schedule that works best for their child care needs.

19. Office administrator

Office administrators keep the workplace moving. They may manage supply orders, field phone calls, set up meetings, reserve event spaces, and coordinate schedules. They make sure that the office stays efficient and organized. 

These can be fairly rewarding jobs for moms with minimal stress brought home at the end of the day. They don’t always require college degrees and can turn into fruitful, long-term careers.

20. Senior manager

A step above manager is usually senior manager. These positions take on a more big-picture role, ensuring that teams are as efficient as possible. They may pass along information from the C-suite down to the managers of each department within a company, so they’re usually great communicators.

Senior managers can make around six figures, and working moms can enjoy that level of pay while getting to oversee other people and make decisions.

21. Caseworker

Many working moms turn to social work because jobs are in high demand and they can make a difference in their communities. While caseworkers aren’t the highest paid positions out there, the jobs can be rewarding, whether through helping young people, other women, or those with mental health challenges.

Caseworkers often have master’s degrees in their focus area and may have to be licensed by the state.

22. Art director

The median pay for art directors is $97,270 per year and they typically have at least five years of experience in their field. Art directors may work in the visual art, publishing, film, or advertising industries, so the type of art they’re in charge of can vary widely.

Art directors generally enjoy the work they do because of the creative elements, and they also may manage other people.

23. Customer service specialist

Working in customer service can be challenging when customers are difficult, but generally these roles involve lots of interaction. Specialists understand a product or service inside and out and can walk people through whatever issue they’re experiencing. 

Customer service specialists likely have flexibility in where they work and sometimes when they work. There are opportunities for part-time work and usually a college degree isn’t required.

24. Barista

Coffee shops can be relaxing places to spend working hours. Baristas are experts at making drinks and serving customers. Working moms may benefit from being a barista because of scheduling flexibility and the potential to keep a long-term part-time job. They also get to help customers and meet all different types of people.

Another plus is that not much professional experience or education is required to land a job as a barista.

25. Relationship manager

Finally, relationship managers can be rewarding and unique roles for working moms. These positions require knowledge of the industry, excellent communication skills, and intel on the competition. They manage client relationships and ensure that they’re providing competitive, relevant products and services to keep people happy.

Sometimes customer service or business experience will lead to these more nuanced roles within a business.

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