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8 Ways Women Are Helping Women at Work

How women in the InHerSight community lift each other up

Cara Hutto

Women are pitted against one another time and time again in pop culture. Just look at reality TV shows; a healthy relationship between two women is more often presented as an abnormality than not. There’s a pervasive idea that women are catty, competitive, and just want to tear one another down.

But, in most cases, this simply isn’t true. We set out to prove this narrative wrong by asking the InHerSight community what they do to support their fellow working women. Here’s what they had to say:

1. “I am consistently driving opportunities for women in the workplace. I serve as a mentor to the women on my team and in my community on encouraging more direct, assertive language; asking for promotions or raises; and owning their career path.”

2. “As a senior-level woman striving for an executive role in leadership, I take pride in showing other women that we have the ability to excel and surpass expectations in these types of roles. I am a firm believer in diversity, equality, and ultimately sharing my story to encourage other women to strive for their goals without hesitation.

3. “I believe that intersectionality is important for feminist ethics and that so many people, just because they are minimum wage, don’t feel heard and listened to or emotionally cares for at their jobs — that’s where I come in. In turn, it really helps build the atmosphere and team up so work is like a family.”

4. “I am helping to break gender barriers in a male-dominated industry. I am doing so by having a zero tolerance policy for sexual harassment, being assertive in goal setting and achievement, and enhancing the quality of focus on detail in the company.”

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5. “I seek to maintain a high degree of objectivity and gender neutral language when evaluating performance, even casually. When people make remarks that may be unintentionally gender biased, I challenge those comments and ask for data or some objective measure.”

6. “I strive to help my female colleagues find their voices and feel that no matter what they think, their opinions matter as much as everyone else’s.”

7. “I stand up for myself and other women in situations that introduce sexist ideas, and I don’t put myself or other women down.”

8. “I make sure I uplift other female co-workers by striving to always create a positive working environment. I also encourage women and empower them to be best version of themselves.”

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Read more: 8 Ways Women Are Helping Women at Work

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