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Allyship is the art of listening, empathy, and action. Become an outspoken advocate for diversity, equity, and inclusion on all fronts using these resources.

Employer Resources

Employee Resource Groups (ERGs): What They Are & Why They’re Beneficial

And how employers can ensure they serve a real purpose


Why That Feeling of Belonging in the Workplace Is So Important

“No one belongs here more than you.” —Brené Brown


LGBTQ-Friendly Companies: 11 Key Contributors to Inclusive Cultures

A breakdown of policies and practices that support queer and trans employees

Employer Resources

Anonymous Hiring: What It Is & Why It’s Important

Plus, 4 additional ways to combat discrimination in the hiring process

Culture & Professionalism

Miss, Mrs., Ms.: When to Use These Terms & How to Be More Inclusive

Introductions...for her!


How to Hold Space for Your Coworkers (& Why You Should)

Listening is an act of allyship


What a Male Feminist Is and How to Be One

Forward this to your male coworkers


Gender Parity in the Workplace: What Is It & What Can We Do About It?

The measure of representation


What Is Gendered Language & What Are the Alternatives?

Times when you might be gatekeeping without even knowing it


‘You Have to See It to Be It’: Why Women Role Models Are Key to Gender Equality

The case for representation and women who help other women shine

Guides to Discrimination

The Origins of Sexism & Why It’s Just as Toxic as Ever

“The emotional, sexual, and psychological stereotyping of females begins when the doctor says: ‘It's a girl.’” ―Shirley Chisholm


Equity vs. Equality: What’s the Difference in the Workplace?

And what’s needed to normalize and uphold equity in your company's culture


9 TED Talks That Will Make You a Better Ally

Thoughts on advocacy, accommodation, bias, intersectionality, and more


4 Red Flags in Job Descriptions That Should Make You Think Twice

Those alarm bells are a-ringin’


Tokenism: What It Is & How It Affects Our Workplaces

It's the band-aid "solution" to a systemic problem


4 Implicit Association Tests That Will Change the Way You Think in the Workplace

Quiz your subconscious—consciously


Introduction to Intersectionality: 8 Ways Identity Affects Employment

There is no one-size-fits-all discrimination

Employer Resources

How to Write a Job Description for the First Time

Plus, 4 types of bias and discriminatory language to avoid

Employer Resources

What Is Inclusion in the Workplace?

And how do I get it right in my organization?


TERFs & The Dangers of TERFism in the Workplace

And how to stand up to exclusionary thinking