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20 Early Morning Jobs That Jump-Start Your Day

For the high-achieving and highly caffeinated

Woman wearing a hard hat
Photo courtesy of ThisIsEngineering

It’s time to stop hitting the snooze button. Studies show that morning people are happier, more proactive, and more conscientious. And many of the world’s most successful people wake up early—Indra Nooyi wakes at 4 a.m. and starts work no later than 7 a.m., while Oprah Winfrey wakes up between exactly 6:02 and 6:20 a.m. every morning. 

Almost 50 percent of self-made millionaires wake up at least three hours before their workday begins, so pat yourself on the back for rolling with the early morning crowd (or start manifesting that you convert to an early riser). 

Here are 20 early morning jobs where you can start the day fresh:

1. Mail carrier

Average salary: $52,060

Postal service workers sort, prepare, and deliver mail, as well as obtain signatures, collect money for postage-due mail, and answer questions from customers. Carriers typically start their day around 7:30 a.m., but can begin sorting mail up to three hours before they begin delivering. Workers must be comfortable delivering in all weather conditions, driving for long stretches, and carrying heavy weight. 

Companies hiring for this role: USPS, FedEx

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2. TV news producer

Average salary: $64,030

TV news producers plan and manage news broadcasts from start to finish. Producers oversee the order of news shows, manage production and budget, and problem-solve on set. News producers typically work more than 40 hours a week and have to get an early start in the morning to ensure everything runs smoothly. 

Companies hiring for this role: Hearst, Vice Media

3. Farm worker

Average salary: $71,160

Farm workers are usually up before the crack of dawn. Depending on the type of farm, responsibilities might include herding and feeding animals, operating farm machinery, and collecting produce. Although further education isn’t always required, having a degree in agriculture, environmental science, or management can be a great advantage. 

Companies hiring for this role: Plenty, Purdue University

4. Freelancer

Average salary (web developers): $73,760

If you hate working a traditional 9-to-5 job, freelancing is your answer. Freelancers can work in a variety of industries—writing, graphic design, web development, consulting, etc—and work for various companies or individuals on a contractual basis. Since freelancing allows for creating your own hours, you could work from 5 a.m. to 12 p.m. if you’re a super early riser. 

Companies hiring for this role: fiverr, UpWork

5. Warehouse worker

Average salary: $28,677

Warehouse workers receive, unpack, and track merchandise in distribution and fulfillment centers or stores. These workers generally inspect items for damage, receive customer orders, and prepare them for shipping. Warehouses are often open 24/7, so workers need to be morning (and night) people with high energy to succeed in a position like this due to long hours, extreme temperatures, and lifting heavy weight. 

Companies hiring for this role: Best Buy, Lowe's

6. Teacher

Average salary (elementary school teacher): $59,670

Whether a college professor or elementary school teacher, instructors usually begin their day fairly early in the morning. Most schools begin between 7–8 a.m. and teachers will arrive up to an hour before to prepare lessons and organize class records for the day. If you’re an online teacher, you might also need to accommodate for time differences. 

Companies hiring for this role: Urban Teachers, Public Charter Schools

7. Tutor

Average salary: $48,700

Online tutoring jobs are rapidly rising as virtual learning becomes more common. If you have a passion for teaching and don’t mind waking up early to accommodate students in different time zones, tutoring could be for you. Unlike a standard teaching job, you’ll get to set your own hours and have the option to book only morning sessions if you’re a morning person. 

Companies hiring for this role: VIPKid, Chegg

8. Fitness trainer

Average salary: $40,390

If you’re an exercise lover and an early riser, fitness training could be the perfect job for you. You’ll have plenty of opportunities to train with other early birds since 50 percent of exercisers like to work out in the morning. As a fitness trainer, you can specialize in one area like yoga or weight training, or teach a combination of classes in a one-on-one or group setting. 

Companies hiring for this role: Equinox, Barry’s Bootcamp

9. Physician

Average salary: $203,450

Physicians are some of the highest-paid professionals in the workforce—but their salary doesn’t come without sacrifice. Preparing to become a doctor takes a lot of time, money, schooling, and perseverance. Hospitals require staffing 24 hours, so many doctors are required to work irregular hours including early morning shifts. 

Companies hiring for this role: LifeStance, Crossover Health

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10. Customer service representative

Average salary: $32,044

Customer service representatives interact with a company’s customers. They provide information on products and services, manage customer accounts, take orders, process returns, and answer any questions. These reps work in a variety of industries and work earlier hours to address live chats, emails, and calls from customers. 

Companies hiring for this role: Teachable, 24 Hour Fitness,

11. Dental hygienist 

Average salary: $76,220

If you’re interested in dentistry without the doctoral degree, being a dental hygienist could be your happy medium. Hygienists are responsible for taking X-rays, administering dental treatments, and cleaning patient’s teeth. Some dentist offices open as early as 7 a.m., and staff usually arrive beforehand to prepare for patients, so you’ll be able to get an early start to the day.

Companies hiring for this role: Columbia University, Heartland Dental

12. Real Estate Agent

Average salary: $48,930

Real estate agents are the licensed professionals who guide homebuyers through every stage of property buying, from showing properties to closing the deal. It’s imperative that real estate agents be flexible and available when clients need them—meaning they usually work early mornings and into the evening and weekends.

Companies hiring for this role: Redfin, Rex

13. Telecommunications technician 

Average salary: $57,910

Telecom technicians are the *angels* who set up, maintain, and fix the telecommunication lines necessary for internet, phone, and cable signals. Most technicians earn a certificate from a technical school. Although not every telecom technician works early hours, if you work for a carrier with 24/7 emergency support, you could be called in to repair a line at any hour of the early morning. 

Companies hiring for this role: Spectrum, Dish

14. Physical therapist

Average salary: $89,440

Physical therapy is another health-related career where non-traditional hours apply. Physical therapists work with patients to rehabilitate them after an injury or illness and typically work around clients schedules. This career path offers a more flexible schedule, with opportunities to schedule appointments on the weekend as well. 

Companies hiring for this role: Queens College, Mission Health

15. Chef 

Average salary: $51,530

Chefs usually wake up at the crack of dawn to start preparing for the day ahead in the kitchen. To be ready to serve breakfast starting at 7 a.m., some cooks will get to work as early as 4 a.m. to start preparing menus, checking ingredient quality, and cleaning workspaces. While some chefs attain their position solely through work experience, many attend formal training at culinary school.

Companies hiring for this role: Eataly, REEF

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16. Airline ticket agent

Average salary: $42,157

Airline ticket agents, also called guest services agents, provide many services to passengers at the airport—verifying flight reservations, tagging luggage, checking flight tickets, modifying seat assignments, and answering any passenger questions. Since many ticket counters operate 24/7, some ticket agents are required to work very early shifts in the morning as well as late evening and weekend shifts. 

Companies hiring for this role: Spirit Airlines, American Airlines

17. Project manager

Average salary (construction manager): $95,260

Project managers, well, manage projects. Developing an idea, creating project tasks, assembling a team, and managing budgets are all examples of what a project manager is responsible for across different industries. Because these employees are responsible for all critical touchpoints, they’re often required to work odd hours, including early mornings, to manage all unexpected roadblocks. 

Companies hiring for this role: Milhouse Engineering & Construction, ClimaCell, Philips

18. Architect

Average salary: $80,750

Architects meet with clients to determine project requirements, design, and sketch building floor plans, file permit applications, and develop cost estimates. To become an architect, you have to graduate with an architecture degree, complete an internship, and attain a license. But if you love designing structures and are an early riser, a job in architecture could be perfect, as more than a third of architecture workers are already working at 7 a.m.  

Companies hiring for this role: Milhouse Engineering & Construction, CannonDesign

19. Technical Support Specialist

Average salary: $63,460

Technical support specialists maintain and fix computer systems and install new software programs either as an in-house staff member or as an independent contractor. So when employees inevitably spill coffee all over the computer keyboard or forget a password at 7 a.m. sharp, tech support will be up and ready to help. 

Companies hiring for this role: Bandwidth, eso, Lever

20. Caregiver

Average salary: $25,280

Caregivers provide in-home, non-medical assistance and support for eldery and disabled patients. Responsibilities may include aiding patients with personal care, housekeeping, preparing meals, and running errands. Most patients require care as soon as they wake up in the morning, meaning caregivers have to be available as early as the patient typically gets up. 

Companies hiring for this role:, Nurse Next Door

Some of the companies included in this article are InHerSight partners. Our partners join us in being dedicated to amplifying the voices and experiences of women at work, but we maintain complete and total editorial oversight over organizations featured in our content. 

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