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Texas Doctor Solves Question of Gender Pay Gap

Great news, ladies! Gary Tigges, a doctor from Plano, Texas, has uncovered why female physicians are paid less than their male counterparts, and the reason is surprisingly simple: women don’t work as hard! According to Tigges, the pay gap is a natural consequence of women just not working as hard and prioritizing other responsibilities over work. Furthering his enlightening insights, he added, “nothing needs to be 'done' about this unless female physicians actually want to work harder and put in the hours. If not, they should be paid less." Thanks, Dr. Tigges, we wish we could’ve figured this out earlier! In all seriousness, this actually happened. Dr. Tigges was tasked to share his thoughts on the gender pay gap in medicine, along with other industry professionals in the Dallas Medical Journal. Many readers are shocked and outraged at his comments, and many doctors and researchers - male and female - have called out the inaccuracy of his remarks. He has since offered an apology.

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