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Global Gender Gap Predicted to Last Two More Centuries

Great news: we’re ready to close the gender gap and achieve gender parity! ...In 202 years, according to the World Economic Forum’s Global Gender Gap Report. The report covers overall gender disparity across politics, work, health, education, and economic opportunity. The results have improved oh so slightly since 2017, the first year when the gender disparity gap actually widened for the first time in 10 years. Who tops the list as closest to achieving equality? Iceland. Iceland’s equality score stands at 85.8 percent, and the country has maintained its top position for the past 10 years. What can we do to catch up to them? Rally our efforts and urge our government to implement equal-pay policies, promote the advancement of women in the workplace, and improve parental leave policies. UN Women Regional Director Anna-Karin Jaftors laments the report’s results, “What we’re seeing globally is that we don’t have any country that’s achieved gender equality, regardless of level of development, region or type of economy. Gender inequality is the reality around the world, and we’re seeing that in all aspects of women’s lives.”

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