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Inside Look: 4 Women on the Flexible, Remote-First Culture at Nitro

This company encourages employees to take time—and travel—for themselves

Nitro team
Photo courtesy of Nitro

This article is part of InHerSight's Partners in Diversity series. Discover companies partnering with InHerSight to better support women in the workplace.

Whether you call it work-life balance, work-life integration, or just life, the ability to mold your work around the things you enjoy, and not the other way around, is a much sought-after benefit these days, and for good reason. Overwork leads to burnout, which, in work terminology, is the lowest of the low. We all need vibrant, fulfilling lives outside our jobs to maintain and grow our happiness. 

Computer software company Nitro understands this. The San Francisco–based employer is on all of three of the best companies lists for InHerSight’s Schedule & Flexibility metrics: Flexible Work Hours, Paid Time Off, and Ability to Telecommute. And their remote and hybrid working options allow employees to pick and choose if, when, and where they work in-person.

What does that mean work life is like for Nitronauts? Pretty great, actually. We reached out to four women at Nitro to tell us what flexibility at work means to them. Dublin trip, anyone? What about work-from-Egypt? Read for yourself what these employees had to say.

Yasmen Abdelkhalek

Senior Global Manager, Customer Success 

“Nitro's flexibility really gives the space to allow every individual to set their personal priorities and find a way to balance work and life side by side, while accounting for the fact that we are a global company and need to meet at different hours at times. As a hiring manager, it is a privilege to be able to give my employees the flexibility they need knowing that the company supports them too. On a personal note, my family lives in Egypt and after two years of not seeing them during the pandemic, I was able to go to work from there for two weeks. This type of flexibility encourages me to give 150 percent in return when I am working, and helps prevent burnout!”

Benefits she loves: 

“As someone who absolutely loves to travel, being able to work from anywhere is so exciting! It is also nice to see where my colleagues end up and we have a photos channel where people post their different life experiences. Nitro's culture gives room and space for these adventures and life experiences! We have an official 90-day ‘work-from-anywhere’ program to help encourage and support this.”

Nitro in three words:

“Results-driven, flexible, and incredible!”

Dima Karzoun

Jr. Recruiter

“Flexibility at work generally means the ability to make the work environment as convenient as possible for employees to thrive. One of the most inconvenient things that I didn't have to do last winter, because Nitro is remote-first, was driving through a snowstorm. I dreaded going to the office on snowstorm days and having to cautiously move to make sure that I arrived home safe. Now I just sit at my desk with a mug of hot cocoa in my hand, with my cat on my lap working from the comfort of my home. I also love how Nitro rewards performance rather than hours worked and encourages employees to disconnect to avoid burnout.”

Benefits she loves: 

“FTO (flexible time off) and 90 days work away program. I haven't seen my family in five years, since I immigrated to Canada, and I'm planning on combining these two benefits soon, flying halfway across the globe and finally spending some time with them.”

Nitro in three words:

“Trust, unique, compassion”

Nitro, Inc

Nitro is a global document productivity software company, and they score most highly for Ability to Telecommute, Paid Time Off, and Flexible Work Hours—all of our Schedule & Flexibility metrics. And ding, ding, ding, here’s why: The company offers a 90-day extra remote option that gives employees the opportunity “to travel and explore while working from anywhere. Employees can extend vacations and spend more time with family, and work from anywhere for up to 90 days.” Click to explore Nitro's ratings, benefits, and open positions now!

Learn more ›

Sandra Kim

Director, People

“Nitro trusts and gives me the freedom and space to not only do my best work for the company but also for my family as a working parent of three, spouse, and caregiver for elderly parents. Depending on the pressures of any given week, I may work a day in the office to connect with coworkers, pick up my son from school, and take my father-in-law to a doctor's appointment.”

Benefits she loves: 

“I've got three weeks at a cottage scheduled this summer and can work remotely for some of it through Nitro's flexible time off policy and remote work policy. The company-wide Summer Recharge week is a timely break for me to spend some quality time with the family as the kids come off school. I use the weekly DoorDash credit that I get through ‘Lunch on Nitro’ on a weeknight dinner saving me from cooking. My kids love it and call it ‘Dinner on Nitro.’”

Nitro in three words:

Fast, flexible, fun

Cam MacPhee

Talent Brand Specialist 

“Flexibility means we can hire the right people, regardless of where they may live. I can experience different areas of the world through work every day! For my team, that means working across multiple time zones with people I wouldn't have had the privilege to know outside of a remote work environment.”

Benefits she loves: 

“Our 90 Days Away program has allowed me the flexibility to work in different Nitro offices! That meant I could travel to Dublin to meet my team and experience necessary facetime with them and other Nitronauts in Dublin!”

Nitro in three words:

“People are everything.”

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