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5 Great Reads: It’s Time to Refresh Your Reading List

July 6: Good and insightful things we’ve read online in the past week

5 Great Reads: It’s Time to Refresh Your Reading List

Image courtesy ofTopVectors


‘Lululemon set to acquire home fitness startup Mirror for $500M’

The news of lululemon athletica acquiring home fitness startup Mirror is neat simply because of the fact that Peloton, the company’s predecessor and now competitor, struggled so much to raise venture capital investment and buyers in its early stages. Now Mirror, a female-founded company, is thriving in an era when at-home workouts are the only workouts. This Forbes article tells the story of Mirror’s founding. Wouldn’t it be great, for once, to be the person with the multimillion dollar idea? TechCrunch

‘The real cost of Amazon’

While Amazon has been lauded for allowing office employees to work from home at least until October, articles like this one from Shirin Ghaffary and Jason Del Rey paint an entirely different picture of the tech giant’s handling of coronavirus: how its warehouse and delivery employees are concerned over allegedly unsafe working conditions. Yes, before throwing stones, we’ll let the lawsuit Amazon is facing pan out —but this story has a larger context worth discussing. Race and socioeconomic status are intricately tied to who holds white collar versus blue collar jobs. As the pandemic continues, that divide, even within individual companies like Amazon, is becoming more evident each day. Vox

‘Black women are the architects of cuisine’

Coverage of the restaurant and food industry largely ignores the contributions of Black women to the culture of food, yet another example of a racist power structure in our workplaces and culture. In this interview, writer and pastry chef Klancy Miller clearly and frankly describes how far-reaching white supremacy is and how it erases the foundational contributions of women of color. NY Mag

People to know

‘Queer 50’

Last week Fast Company released its first ever “Queer 50,” a list of LGBTQ women and nonbinary innovators in business and tech. In addition to fan faves such as Megan Rapinoe and Janelle Monáe (do you ever stop wanting to be best friends with either of these women?), the list includes Patagonia CEO Rose Marcario, Reddit COO Jen Wong, and Black Lives Matter cofounder Alicia Garza. Please, add us on LinkedIn. Fast Company

Thought butter

‘Reading anti-racist nonfiction is a start. But don’t underestimate the power of Black fiction’

When June’s Black Lives Matter protests began, someone, no idea who, tweeted something along the lines of: In your quest for antiracist literature, don’t read only stories of Black people’s pain; read stories of our joys, loves, and everyday lives, too. That tweet is now somewhere in the ether, but its soul haunts this piece by Jasmine Guillory about the power of Black nonfiction. Time to update your reading list. (Supplemental to this article, our content strategist Emily McCrary-Ruiz-Esparza recommends this piece from Vulture in early June. Our team has an insatiable media appetite.) TIME

Plus: Hey, hey, hey

‘Just a reminder for anyone who needs it: It's illegal to fire someone for having kids on their Zoom call’

InHerSight recently completed a study with HeyMama about what working moms need during the coronavirus pandemic. Parents magazine tapped our research for this article about moms facing discrimination at work. There will likely be a lot of employment lawsuits over the course of the next year. Make sure you know your rights. Parents

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