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Managers need support, too! Use this toolkit to level up where it matters most: relationship-building, championing diversity, and creating a leadership style that inspires confidence.


The Best of the Best: 16 Management Books for Every Kind of Leader

For new managers, for women, for managers of color, and more


7 Types of Leadership: Strengths, Weaknesses & Discovering Your Style

What's your sign again?


The Importance of Building Trust at Work

It takes two to tango


The Value of Corporate Social Responsibility in the Workplace

Plus, three companies doing it right


Trust, Accountability & Retention: Why Transparency at Work Matters

It’s the ownership for us

Culture & Professionalism

Respect in the Workplace: 5 Inclusion-Driven Tactics That Lay the Groundwork

Everyday acts of allyship

Culture & Professionalism

6 Expert-Approved Ways to Cultivate a Sense of Urgency at Work

Innovation? What a rush


Participative Leadership: Democracy in Action in the Workplace

The ayes have it


How to Stage a Mock Interview That Sets Everyone Up for Success

Expert tips for recruiters, coaches, and job seekers alike


Better Sponsorship: 6 Times to Speak Her Name

The simplest act of advocacy

Working During Coronavirus

24 Creative Ways to Recognize Employees During the Pandemic

Thanks a million

Career Development

Collaborate Better in 5 Proven Steps

Teamwork makes the dream work


Lack of Communication: 5 Strategies Leaders Should Use ASAP

Call me, maybe?

Employer Resources

How to Set & Model Realistic Work-from-Home Expectations with Your Team

Support your evolving company culture

Employer Resources

How to Check In with Employees When Everyone Is Overwhelmed

InHerSight asked women employees what they need most during COVID-19

Career Development

How to Be a Better Public Speaker (& Why You Should)

“Speech is power: Speech is to persuade, to convert, to compel” —Ralph Waldo Emerson

Career Development

How to Listen Effectively (& Why You Should)

Active listening is a sign of respect

Employer Resources

Mastering Continuous Improvement: How to Keep Your Business on Top

Everything can be improved

Career Development

Brainstorming Techniques for Group & Solo Sessions

Golden rule: There are no stupid ideas

Employer Resources

How to Think About Your Employee Turnover Rate

The three metrics you should be tracking around employee turnover