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  1. Blog
  2. Interviewing
  3. January 3, 2024

50+ Questions to Ask the Interviewer About Company Culture

Find a workplace where your values are aligned

company culture
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Stepping into a new position isn't just about a new title or responsibilities; it's about immersing yourself in an entirely new ecosystem. Beyond the job description lies a pivotal factor in your professional happiness and growth: the company's culture. 

Company culture is the shared values, beliefs, attitudes, behaviors, and practices that shape everyday interactions, influence decisions, and ultimately define the workplace’s experience and collective personality. Understanding a company’s culture isn't just an option for prospective employees—it's a strategic imperative. 

A positive company culture can lead to greater job satisfaction, higher productivity, and increased retention rates. Conversely, misalignment can breed dissatisfaction and hinder professional growth. 

When you’re interviewing at different organizations, understanding a company's culture helps you assess whether your personal values, work style, and aspirations align with the organization's ethos. Essentially, it sets the tone for how if and how you’ll achieve long-term career fulfillment. Take note of these 50 questions to ask the interviewer about company culture.

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50 questions to ask the interviewer about company culture

As you prepare for interviews, remember, it's not just about acing the questions thrown at you; it's about the questions you ask as well. The answers you receive can offer invaluable insights, guiding you toward a workplace where your skills flourish and your values resonate.

Let's delve into an array of questions beyond the simple ‘how would you describe the company culture?’ that can reveal the intricacies of company culture. 

Questions to ask the interviewer about company culture: mission and values

1. What is the company's mission, and how does it reflect in day-to-day operations?

2. Can you elaborate on the core values that drive decision-making here?

3. How are these values integrated into team goals and individual performance evaluations?

4. How did you choose those company values and how do they support employees’ success?

5. Can you provide insights into the company's long-term vision and goals?

6. Does the company promote any well-known books or ideology in its operations? 

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Questions to ask the interviewer about company culture: work environment and expectations

7. How would you describe the office culture here?

8. Are employees encouraged to collaborate across departments or teams?

9. What is the company's approach to remote work and flexibility?

10. What type of hours are generally required for the role?

11. How do leaders ensure employees feel comfortable taking their paid time off?

12. How do you take care of your employees’ mental health and work-life balance?

13. Are there policies or practices in place to prevent burnout and encourage time off?

14. I noticed that you’ve been at this company for x years. How have things changed in the company since you started?

15. Do your employees ever get together outside of work hours?

Questions to ask the interviewer about company culture: leadership and management style

16. How does leadership demonstrate and reinforce the company culture?

17. What opportunities exist for mentorship and professional development?

18. How are conflicts or disagreements typically addressed with leadership?

19. Would you describe the company's management style as collaborative or hierarchical?

20. How are major decisions communicated to employees, and is there room for employee input?

21. Can you talk a little bit about the people I’d be working with?

Questions to ask the interviewer about company culture: employee wellbeing and growth

22. What initiatives or programs does the company have to support employee wellbeing?

23. Is there a formal process for integrating new team members into the company culture?

24. How does the company encourage continuous learning and growth for employees?

25. Can you share examples of how the company invests in its employees' career progression?

26. How does the company encourage and embrace innovation and new ideas?

27. How does the company foster a sense of autonomy while maintaining accountability?

28. How does the company view risk-taking and handling failures or setbacks?

Questions to ask the interviewer about company culture: diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) and corporate social responsibility (CSR)

29. How does the company promote diversity, equity, and inclusion in the workplace?

30. Can you share data on the organization’s diversity?

31. Are there affinity groups or initiatives that support underrepresented employees?

32. What diversity, inclusion, and cultural competence trainings do you offer?

33. What practices are in place at your company to support pay equity for employees?

34. Do you have any examples of when pay inequity has been identified, and how your organization has worked to resolve any discrepancies in the past?

35. Are there volunteer opportunities or corporate social responsibility initiatives employees can participate in?

36. What initiatives does the company undertake to promote environmental sustainability?

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Questions to ask the interviewer about company culture: communication and feedback

37. How is feedback typically given and received within teams and across the organization?

38. How do leaders make sure employees feel comfortable raising concerns in the workplace?

39. What communication channels are used for important company updates or announcements?

40. Is there an open-door policy or a structured way for employees to voice concerns?

41. How does the company recognize and reward employee contributions and achievements?

42. How does the company approach resolving conflicts or challenges that arise among team members?

43. Does the company conduct exit interviews, and how is the feedback from these interviews used to improve the workplace?

Questions to ask the interviewer about company culture: team dynamics

44. How does the company foster team building and social connections among employees?

45. How does the company foster a positive team environment, especially during challenging projects or tight deadlines?

46. Can you describe the camaraderie among employees here?

47. What is something your team needs to work on?

48. What tools or platforms does the company use to facilitate collaboration among remote or distributed teams?

49. How does the company ensure effective communication across different time zones or locations?

50. How do you ensure inclusivity and equal participation among team members, especially in situations where certain voices might be overshadowed or less heard?

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