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14 Creative Ways to Celebrate Small Wins

It's another confetti sunrise

Confetti falling on a very happy woman
Photo courtesy of Clay Banks

With all the distractions and to-do lists going on in our lives, it can be easy to forget about all of our small wins. But celebrating these little accomplishments can be so impactful on your wellbeing—celebrating small successes can amplify your mood and productivity, alleviate depression, and help you know your worth

Life coach Shanita Liu says: “It's crucial to acknowledge your small wins—those mini doses of encouragement will fuel your mental strength to keep going and help you lean into the joy of why you’re doing what you're doing. Celebrating small wins can give you the boost you need to remember that you are enough, you are not behind on your goals, and you are constantly making steady progress. Some progress is better than no progress.”

It’s super easy to weave these celebrations into your work life. Liu says, “One simple way you can celebrate a small win at work is to write down your win on a Post-it and stick it around the proximity of your desk (whether it be in an office or home) so you can visually see your success.”

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Here are 14 more fun and creative ways to celebrate small wins throughout the year

1. Repeat a celebratory mantra

We embody what we speak, so personalize a mantra that will help you see your worth and boost your confidence. Examples of mantras to repeat could be similar to: “I am becoming the best version of myself,” “I am worthy of success and happiness,” “I am the creator of my future,” or “I am intelligent and full of great ideas.”

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2. Take a personal day

You’ve definitely earned your day off. There are so many reasons why you should take a personal day—to avoid burnout, rest and recuperate, realign your next goals, prioritize self-care, and celebrate yourself!

3. Text bomb your group message

Create a group message with friends where you all share work-related stories, successes, and sorrows. When anyone shares a small win with the group, you can all react and celebrate together—and when you’re having one of those days at work, you can all complain together. 

4. Treat yourself with self-care 

Yes, as William Shakespeare once said, “Treateth yourselfeth.” Go full out pamper mode and pull out all the stops—face masks, jazz turned up on the speaker, hot cups of tea, full glasses of wine, bad horror film marathons—whatever makes you feel the best. FYI, self-care doesn’t always mean bubble baths for everyone.

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5. Write down your feelings

Whip out your journal and write down all of the warm and fuzzy feelings you’re feeling. Don’t forget to include all of the important details of your win so you can use them as fuel in your next 1:1 you have so you can boost your chances of landing that promotion.

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6. Surprise yourself with a gift 

Order a fun surprise for yourself like a blind date with a book (a wrapped up book with only a few genre/plot clues on the wrapping) or a subscription box to your favorite clothing or beauty brand or even Winc Wine

7. Zoom party with your besties

Invite all of your favorite people to a virtual party and celebrate. Let them all talk up how great you are and toast to the future. If you’re into games, try playing Jackbox Games with everyone virtually—fits of laughter are guaranteed. 

8. Make yourself a trophy

Mark your win with a trophy of your choice. Whether it be a succulent or a record or a poster, designate a new object as your trophy and incentivize yourself to earn more with your next small (or big) win. 

9. Bake yourself an elaborate dessert

You know all those elaborate, beautiful desserts you’ve saved on Pinterest that have 27 different steps and look like God herself baked them? It’s time to get out your mixing bowl and whip up that cake for yourself. You deserve every single one of those decadent layers, and maybe you can even write a little “congrats” message in icing on top. Pro tip: enjoy with an entire pint of ice cream on the side. 

10. Finally order something online

Order that candle that’s been patiently waiting in one of the many shopping cart tabs you’ve had open for weeks. Does anyone really need to spend $35 on a candle? No, but you’ve earned it. 

11. Wreck something

Yes, seriously. Ceremoniously smash some old plates in your driveway or destroy a ball of PlayDough that’s been hiding in your junk drawer. It’ll also help you let go of any stress you built up while finishing your goal.

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12. Create a celebratory playlist

Pick 100 of your favorite songs and curate the perfect celebratory playlist. Once you reach your victory, grab your speaker, turn it up to max volume, and let those dance moves loose (sorry neighbors, I’m a boss queen). 

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13. Dress up

Remember that ball gown you bought five years ago on sale just in case the Queen herself ever sent you an invite to a royal ball? Slip into that dress, load on all of your favorite makeup and jewelry (if that’s your thing), and parade around the house. 

14. Change your screensaver

This one might seem silly, but it can actually feel really satisfying to only change the screensaver on your laptop or phone when you accomplish something. Change the photo to your ideal vacation spot or something that represents the next goal you’re working toward. 

About our source

Shanita Liu is a certified professional coach accredited through the International Coaching Federation's Leadership That Works: Coaching For Transformation program. Her passion is teaching women how to avoid burnout and helping them identify and set goals with the tools necessary to achieve them. You can read more about her experience and services at

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