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  1. Blog
  2. Career Development
  3. May 31, 2023

130 Adjectives to Describe Yourself In the Workplace

Language is especially important for women

women describing themselves with adjectives
Photo courtesy of Jopwell

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Before you can prove your professional abilities in an interview, you first have to express yourself through your resume, cover letter, LinkedIn profile, recruiter emails, or personal website. And especially since on average, recruiters only spend six seconds scanning your resume, the language you choose to convey your experience carries weight. 

Career coach Tazeen Raza says language can help people—especially women—feel empowered, respected, and confident at work.

“Women are notorious for underplaying what they do, as well as how well they do these tasks,” she says. “On the other hand, men tend to be more comfortable talking themselves up. Even if it's something they haven't specifically accomplished, they tend to express more confidence through their wording to convince the interviewer that they can actually do the job at hand.”

A Harvard Business School study seeking to determine whether men or women were more likely to assess their work positively backed up this notion. In the study, women, on average, reported their performance as being 15 points lower on a 100-point scale than the average man—despite the fact that the men and women performed just as well as each other on the test.

The researchers attributed the discrepancy to women believing that self-promotion is an inappropriate way to behave. This is due to socialization—women are taught that being boastful about their abilities and accomplishments is inherently wrong. 

The confidence gap is also evident in how men and women apply to jobs—women only apply to jobs if they meet 100 percent of the qualifications, whereas men apply for jobs when they meet only 60 percent of them. 

“It’s important for women to speak confidently about their accomplishments and abilities and feel comfortable describing what they do to make sure they get the credit they deserve at work,” Raza says. “During a pitch, you have to be your own advocate. Sprinkling in adjectives to describe yourself is a great way to do this because it shows the confidence you have in yourself, how you see yourself, and the pride you have in your accomplishments.”

But she says using good adjectives to describe and pitch yourself isn’t limited to resumes and interviews—it extends to your everyday life. “You should be pitching yourself every day through the words you use and the tasks you accomplish in the workplace. Women can exhibit more confidence through subtle changes to the way they speak, such as reducing the use of the word ‘sorry,’ eliminating filler words like ‘um,’ and speaking more directly.”

Here are 131 adjectives to use and convey confidence in a variety of situations. 

131 adjectives to describe yourself in the workplace

Adjectives for describing work ethic

1. Accountable

2. Adaptable

3. Consistent

4. Cooperative

5. Decisive

6. Dependable

7. Disciplined

8. Intentional

9. Nimble

10. Open

11. Resourceful

12. Self-assured

13. Self-motivated

14. Strategic

Adjectives for describing management style

15. Accepting

16. Accommodating

17. Approachable

18. Attentive

19. Aware

20. Bold

21. Committed

22. Equitable

23. Good listener

24. Inclusive

25. Objective

26. Observant

27. Proactive

28. Respectful

29. Responsive

30. Supportive

31. Trustworthy

32. Unconventional

33. Welcoming

Adjectives for job interviews

34. Accomplished

35. Advantageous

36. Artistic

37. Analytical

38. Congenial

39. Diplomatic

40. Engaging

41. Focused

42. Hardworking

43. Helpful

44. Insightful

45. Innovative

46. Methodical

47. Meticulous

48. Organized

49. Persevering 

50. Persuasive

51. Productive

52. Professional

53. Proficient

54. Results-oriented

55. Thorough

56. Tireless

57. Skilled

58. Systematic

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Adjectives for resumes

59. Collaborative

60. Data-driven

61. Detail-oriented

62. Eager

63. Efficient

64. Entrepreneurial

65. Ethical

66. Experienced

67. Expert

68. Motivated

69. Persistent

70. Personable

71. Proficient

72. Self-starter

73. Skillful

74. Thoughtful 

75. Tireless

More adjectives for describing yourself

76. Adept

77. Adventurous

78. Authentic

79. Balanced

80. Communicative

81. Charismatic

82. Confident

83. Considerate

84. Constructive

85. Courageous

86. Creative

87. Curious

88. Determined

89. Direct

90. Dynamic

91. Eclectic

92. Emotionally intelligent

93. Energetic

94. Enthusiastic

95. Flexible

96. Friendly

97. Generous

98. Genuine

99. Helpful

100. Honest

101. Imaginative

102. Independent

103. Inquisitive

104. Intelligent

105. Intuitive

106. Inventive

107. Inspiring

108. Knowledgeable

109. Kind

110. Logical

111. Loyal

112. Open-minded

113. Optimistic

114. Original

115. Passionate

116. Patient

117. Perceptive

118. Persistent

119. Practical

120. Reflective

121. Reliable

122. Responsible

123. Self-reliant

124. Self-possessed

125. Sincere

126. Sociable

127. Straightforward

128. Understanding

129. Versatile

130. Vibrant

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