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Why Do So Many Women Want to Change Careers?

A surprising number of women yearn for a career change and have similar reasons why.

Why Do So Many Women Want to Change Careers?

If you’ve found yourself daydreaming about switching to a new, more exciting career path, you’re far from alone. In fact, our latest study shows that nearly 9 out of 10 of the women around you share the same dream.

In a new study of more than 3500 women in the InherSight network, a whopping 57 percent reported that they’re seriously considering a career change, and another 32 percent are potentially considering a career change. (That leaves a mere 11 percent who are happy doing what they’re doing.)

Unfortunately, over time a lot of jobs transition from something you enjoy doing to simply a way to get the next paycheck. If you don’t feel stimulated enough at work and you’re just going through the motions, monotony will creep up, take over, and it won’t be long before you start feeling burned out.

When considering a career change, take some time first to think about why you want to leave before pursuing a new direction all together. If it’s a job you used to love, there may be a solution (or new company) to help regain your motivation and passion. But if it’s definitely the wrong fit from a task, focus, skills, or personality perspective, a career change may be just what you need. Here are the top reasons why women tell us they want to leave their jobs:

“I don't feel like I’m developing any new skills or learning anything new at my current job.”

Your job should be providing you with new experience, skills, and knowledge. If you feel like you’ve mastered every aspect of your position and now feel stuck in the monotony of your routine, it might be time to talk to your boss or take up some online courses. Many companies value teaching their employees new skills because they know that’s a key factor in attracting and retaining top talent. If you want to further your professional development, the first step is to express your desire to keep learning new skills to your boss. From there, you can ask for more responsibility and variety in your position or look into mentorship.

“I don't like being stuck at my desk and I’d like to get out and about. I also wouldn't like to not have to answer phones constantly.”

Feeling like you’re glued to your desk, staring at a bright screen for eight hours can be a dreadful feeling. In fact, some research shows that eight hour work days are inherently damaging to our productivity. There are creative ways to ensure more active hours at your job--invest in a standing desk, situate yourself near large windows, start an office fitness challenge, or propose outdoor office lunches. Additionally, simply getting up to interact and connect with more people in your office could help you overcome the feeling of solitude and lethargy in your cubicle.

“I’m not a fan of doing the exact same thing every day. I would love to switch it up or have multiple things to do. I’d love to do something that makes me think and problem solve.”

Being challenged can be a very important aspect of working. If you’re yearning for more opportunities to use that big ole brain, there are luckily many things you can do. You can speak up more throughout the day to enhance your presentation skills. Whether it’s in a client meeting or a team check-in, take initiative and throw your ideas out there. Push yourself to build your network--meeting new people always challenges you to think about new perspectives and can potentially lead to new career or collaboration opportunities. You can always try freelancing on the side if you have extra time and are seeking a more daunting challenge.

“I have the potential to do so much more than what I’m currently tasked with. I want the opportunity to be creative and interact with others and make a difference in someone’s day.”

It can be invigorating to get your creative juices flowing and be innovative at work. If you’ve been doing the same tasks every day for as long as you can remember, it’s time to break out of your creativity rut and reach your maximum potential. Increasing creativity flow at work doesn’t just mean doodling on a notepad, applying creativity and innovation to your everyday tasks has the potential to enhance the entire office’s workflow. Brainstorm new ways to organize company data, dabble with new product ideas, set your sights high on a new project, or map out how to reach a new client audience. Having a diverse taskforce with people who think differently is essential to fostering a creative environment.

If you try out these options (or have already tried them) and you’re still longing for a career change, it’s probably time to start job hunting. Use InHerSight or these other female-friendly job boards to help you during your search. Good luck!

By Cara Hutto

Born and raised a Tar Heel, Cara is a culinary aficionado and zealous writer consumed by wanderlust. She's passionate about women's issues and interviewing inspirational women in her community.

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