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10 Gift Ideas for Working Moms

Sure, that Mother's Day card with a bicycle on it seems appropriate enough, but have you thought about, maybe, child care??

By InHerSight
10 Gift Ideas for Working Moms
Photo courtesy of Hello Revival

Mother’s Day is coming soon, so that means it’s time to drop some hints about gifts you’d like to receive (aside from a sweet macaroni necklace or handmade card). Everyone knows that working moms face lots of hurdles: being penalized for motherhood, balancing the needs of work and family, and taking on the “second shift” of managing a household.

You know what they say: Workin’ mommin’ ain’t easy. But hopefully some of these gifts can make it a little easier. Show this to your significant other if he or she needs some ideas of gifts to get for you for Mother’s Day.

1. Edibles Arrangement

Let’s face it, the working mom in your family is definitely stressed out. So if it’s legal in your state, get her some cannabis-infused edibles. If it’s not legal, you could get her some nice CBD-infused gummies or chocolates (CBD, or Cannabidiol, does not contain THC, is non-intoxicating, and supposedly fixes everything, but maybe don’t rub it on your crying baby’s forehead, mkay?).

2. A Swiss Army Knife

Working moms are prepared for anything and everything. Whatever you need, ask a working mom and it’s probably in her purse or desk drawer. So why not give her—your human Swiss Army Wife—a Swiss Army Knife? Do not be cheap and buy an off-brand imitator or one that only has like two tools on it. Go all out here and get her the Rolls-Royce of Swiss Army Knives.

3. Help From The‘80s

The 1980s were a golden era of working moms on television. How did they “do it all”? They had help (often from men! The hijinks!) From Charles in Charge to Mr. Belvedere to Tony Micelli, help was provided, jokes were made, and a good time was had by all. So why not get the working mom in your family a set of 1980s sitcoms and let her relax and spend a day binge-watching them? Or better yet, find her a manservant who will clean the house, cook the meals, and take care of the kids while she climbs the corporate ladder (just be careful she doesn’t fall in love with Tony. What would Mona say about that?!).

4. Flowers or Plants

Please go back and review item No. 1, re: Cannabis.

5. Coffee

Is there a working mother alive who doesn’t drink coffee? If so, I have yet to meet her. A gift certificate to her favorite coffee shop (bonus: someone else is making the coffee for her!), gourmet coffee beans, or a fancy coffee maker are great gifts. If anyone’s reading this and wants to get me a gift, I would really like a Moccamaster (yes, it’s outrageously expensive. Thank you in advance).

6. The Perfect Pair of Work Pants

Initiate her into the Sisterhood of the Traveling Work Pants. These shapewear-free trousers will magically fit no matter what. They will be comfortable and will adhere to every company’s HR policy. They will work in all seasons, be machine-washable, and won’t require ironing. They will repel stains. They will look amazing with flats and heels. They won’t cost a fortune. Good luck finding these—and if you do, please let me know, because I will be buying five pairs.

7. Sheet Masks That Look Like Animals

Working moms are always multitasking. If a working mom wears a sheet mask that looks like an animal, she’ll be doing some self-care while entertaining the kids (and probably conducting a conference call) at the same time. Or the children will be scared and run away, in which case she’s getting some extra relaxation time.

8. A Planner or Family Calendar

Ha ha ha, like the working mom in your family doesn’t already have one of these or use the electronic equivalent. How do you think she gets to meetings on time, knows when all the birthday parties are, and keeps track of all the soccer practices and playdates? Take away her calendar for a day and plan everything for her for just one day. That’s the real gift.

9. A Family Portrait

If you can somehow get a family portrait where no one is having a weird hair moment or a bad angle or a mysterious booger, and it includes the family pet not licking himself, you will really have something there.

10. Reliable, Affordable Child Care

I don’t know if this really a “gift” per se, but trust me: Working moms want this.

Janine Annett is a New York-based writer whose work has appeared in the New York Times, the Rumpus, McSweeney's Internet Tendency, and other places. Follow her at @janineannett .

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