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The Push For A Female Leader as CBS Begins CEO Search

On September 9th, Les Moonves stepped down as Chairman and CEO of CBS following several sexual harassment claims. Since his departure, COO Joe Ianniello has been acting as the company’s interim CEO. In the coming weeks, the company will undertake the task of deciding on a full-time replacement. In the company’s 91 year history, there has never been a female CEO (nor at NBC, ABC, or Fox for that matter). And although hiring Ianniello would be the easy way out, there are plenty of qualified women for the job and now, more than ever, hiring a female CEO at CBS would be a huge step in the right direction following the sexual harassment scandals. This is a huge opportunity for CBS to help turn company culture around, so we’re rooting for women. Reports say we can expect a decision by early 2019.

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