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Nevada Makes History as First US State With a Majority Female Legislature

The female lawmakers in Nevada are smashing records within the legislature. For the first time in its state history and US history, the majority of its legislature is comprised of women. Out of 63 seats in the legislature, 32 are occupied by women, tipping the scales to 50.8 percent female. This historic moment will do wonders in increasing diversity in the state’s legislature, and Nevada Minority Whip Lisa Krasner believes new issues and ways of dealing with them will arise from the heightened diversity. "We are going to have diversity; we are going to have diversity of thought. We are going to have diversity of opinion. We are going to have diversity of life experiences," she said. And Assembly Majority Leader Teresa Benitez-Thompson summed it up perfectly: "Our foremothers...along with scores of dozens of other female legislators, have cleared a path for us. A path that we will now walk. Our journey will be embedded into strength, and hard work. And we will make this state and our nation proud."

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