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Male-Only Draft Ruled Unconstitutional

Texas Federal Judge Gray H. Miller has ruled that the male-only draft is unconstitutional. Since women can now serve in any combat role that they qualify for, Miller believes that there’s no longer any justification to exclude them from the draft. Although no one has been recruited from the military draft in over 40 years, Miller says the draft should include women in case it’s ever reinstated. The ruling came as part of a case brought by a men’s rights group arguing that drafting exclusively males violates the 14th amendment’s equal protection clause. Before 2015, women weren’t allowed to serve in combat roles due to persisting sexism and discrimination. Retired Marine Kate Germano believes this decision is a natural progression from the court’s ruling in 2015: “It would be an advantage to the country, and also for men, who have bore the preponderance of the burden since the draft was established. Why not leverage all of the talent pool?”

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