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Investing a Possible Key to Closing the Gender Wealth Gap

While men are still outearning women at work, experts have found that women outperform men in long-term investing. According to Fidelity Investments, women earn 0.4 percent higher returns than men on average. However seemingly small that number may be now, it quickly tallies up over the years to equal a significant amount of money. The problem is that many women tend to invest more conservatively, which some speculate is the result of lower wages. In other words, when women make less and invest less, they earn fewer returns. But women investing more and earlier may just be the secret to closing the gender wealth gap. The stock market presents endless growth opportunities, so experts say it's more beneficial for women to invest more money earlier, in order to allow investments to grow. This is called goal-based investing, a long-term investing strategy devised to meet financial goals instead of just beating the market. So ladies, it's time to take charge of your financial decisions and embrace investing.

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