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FDA to Investigate Company Sending Women Abortion Pills in the Mail

Yesterday, the FDA announced it will begin investigating Aid Access, an organization sending abortion pills in the mall, to assess the service’s safety. Earlier this year, Dr. Rebecca Gomperts launched the website to increase women’s access to abortion in the US. So far, she’s already shipped to over 600 women. Dr. Gomperts has long championed for accessibility, as she previously founded Women on Web, an organization whose mission is to  facilitate abortions for women living in countries where it's illegal. Aid Access is different than other sites that sell the pills without doctor oversight. Aid Access’ clients answer an online questionnaire that screens for eligibility. Dr. Gomperts reads over each questionnaire, writes a prescription for mifepristone and misoprostol (if the woman is eligible), and sends it to a pharmacy in India which in turn ships the pills to the US. Dr. Gomperts is available for help and advice every step of the way. Although abortion is legal, some states have measures in place that make accessibility a lot more difficult for women.

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