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  3. Last updated February 20, 2024

15 Self-Help Podcasts for Women That Motivate & Inspire

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Inspiring self-help podcast quote
Photo courtesy of Amanda Jones

No matter what time of year it is, you can take charge of your resolutions and goals with a little help from some highly empowering self-help podcasts. By taking less than an hour out of your day, you’ll learn how to establish what your strengths and weaknesses are, how to embrace small self-improvements, and how to take charge of your life and become the best version of yourself.

Need an extra push? Here are some other benefits of self-help podcasts:

  • You'll learn about tools and strategies to navigate challenges, build resilience, and overcome obstacles. You might feel like you have a better sense of control over your life, fostering confidence and a proactive mindset.
  • Self-help is a continuous process of learning and evolving. Podcasts in this genre offer a wealth of knowledge on various aspects of life, from emotional wellbeing to professional development to personal growth and adaptability.
  • These podcasts often provide practical advice on goal-setting techniques, time management, and maintaining motivation, helping you turn your aspirations into real, tangible accomplishments.

Essentially, by incorporating little doses of self-help into your regular routine, you actively invest in your own growth, resilience, and happiness. Podcasts are an accessible and convenient tool for acquiring valuable insights, making them the perfect resource for anyone committed to a self-improvement journey.

Feel empowered to tackle life’s big, scary questions: Are you happy? Are you living authentically? Are you on the right career path? When you’re ready for some introspection and self-reflection and are in need of some external motivation, check out these highly-rated self-help podcasts for women.

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Best self-help podcasts for women 

1. The Broad Experience

Half career advice, half self-help podcast, this show analyzes all of the invisible undercurrents of women’s lives in and out of the workplace. Journalist and host Ashley Milne-Tyte invites guests to chat about midlife career changes, the issue with obsessing over winning, how to redefine success, how to ask for a raise, and everything else under the sun. 

2. Motherhood Sessions

Being a mom is a fun job, but a tough job—and reproductive psychiatrist Dr. Alexandra Sacks believes we talk too much about the diaper changes and sleepless nights, and not enough about the identity shift that accompanies motherhood. In this self-help podcast for moms, Sacks has emotionally honest conversations with mothers who are struggling with an aspect of motherhood. It’s validating, heartwarming, and heart-wrenching.

Best self-help podcasts for women of color

3. Black Girl in Om

Host Lauren Ash is joined by health and wellness guests across various industries to talk transparently about all things self-care, self-love, and self-help for women of color. She offers words of affirmation to set the tone of the week, guided meditations to aid in relaxation, and advice on how to live intentionally.

4. Cultivating H.E.R. Space

An acronym for healing, empowerment, and resilience, H.E.R Space is dedicated to being a safe space for Black women. The podcast is hosted by psychologist Dr. Dominique Broussard and motivational speaker Terri Lomax and offers authentic conversation on various self-help topics from navigating grief to “adulting” the right way.

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Best self-help podcasts by celebrities

5. Unlocking Us 

We just keep coming back to this podcast. Bestselling author and researcher Brené Brown interviews experts and celebrities on topics including apologizing, depression, shame, and vulnerability, all to discover what connects us as humans. Brown says the sooner we confront these insecurities in our lives, the sooner we’ll lead “a whole-hearted life.”

6. Super Soul

This self-help podcast is home to Oprah Winfrey’s interviews with thought-leaders, best-selling authors, and health and wellness experts on how to work towards becoming and embracing your best self. One Apple reviewer says, “When so many things in this world do not make sense, it is so refreshing to hear a message that speaks life, healing, truth, hope, and love.”

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Best self-help podcasts for building confidence 

7. The Self Love Fix 

Embodiment coach Beatrice Kamau helps listeners shift away from shame, people pleasing, codependency, low self-esteem, and self-doubt and toward embracing self-love and self-trust. She advises how to set boundaries, be authentic, and foster healthy relationships. 

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8. Permission to Speak

Calling all introverts! Permission to Speak is a fun self-help podcast led by public speaking advisor Samara Bay about how to find the courage to speak up and what our voice says about us. Each week, Bay interviews people about how they found their voice, how to lean into authentic opinions, how to deal with unwelcome comments, and how to give ourselves permission to speak in the rooms that we belong in. 

9. Routines and Ruts with Madeleine Dore

Rated 4.8 stars, this podcast addresses issues like ditching indecision spirals, overcoming the hesitation to ask questions, and how to not feel guilty for prioritizing rest. It’s about resilience, rejection, motivation, procrastination, successes, and how there are extraordinary lessons to be learned through all of your setbacks. 

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Best self-help podcasts for students and young professionals

10. The Happiness Lab

Students, this one’s for you. Dr. Laurie Santos, a professor of psychology at Yale, has studied the science of happiness for years and now teaches the most popular psychology class in Yale’s 300-year history. In her self-help podcast, she discusses the latest scientific research on happiness and gives tips to college students on how to improve their mental health.

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11. Life Kit

Want to know how to talk to your parents about mental health? How to make a big change in your life? How to get out of a creative rut? Life Kit is the self-help podcast guide to life we all need. Every other day, experts hop on the podcast to discuss and debate anonymous questions about life in quick, illuminating episodes. 

Best nontraditional self-help podcasts

12. By the Book

Equal parts hilarious and insightful, culture critic Kristen Meinzer and comedian Jolenta Greenberg offer commentary on a variety of self-help books in this comedic podcast. Each episode, the hosts dive into a different self-help book and live out the rules to see which books might actually be life-changing.

13. Not Another Anxiety Show

Kelli Walker, a registered nurse, certified health and wellness coach, and former agoraphobe, discusses what anxiety really is and offers practical tips, resources, and guidance in this self-help podcast. No experience in deep breathing or chakra alignment necessary.

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14. Help Me Be Me

Author and host Sarah May thinks of Help Me Be Me as an emotional toolkit for creating positive change in yourself—AKA the self-help podcast for people who hate self-help. She talks about dealing with emotionally unsupportive or manipulative family, growing your sense of selfhood, and more.

15. Terrible, Thanks for Asking

Terrible, Thanks For Asking is one of the realest podcasts out there for those of us who are simply going through it. Host Nora McInerny asks guests to share their honest and complex feelings about how they really are and how they’re coping. The Atlantic says, “The show continuously, unapologetically, ferociously plows into subjects most people are too uncomfortable to touch.”

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