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  1. Blog
  2. Partners in Diversity
  3. June 27, 2024

Match Made: Why Did You Choose Your Company? 20 People Answer

12 companies with major green flags

Infosys employee
Photo courtesy of Infosys

This article is part of InHerSight's Partners in Diversity series. Discover companies partnering with InHerSight to better support women in the workplace.

A great company means something different to everyone, which is why InHerSight matches users to companies based on their desired must-haves, such as flexibility, paid time off, salary, remote work, and more.

We wanted to take that concept a step further. For our Match Made series, we asked employees at our partner companies this question: How did you know your company was a good match for you?

These responses not only illustrate the range of must-haves that make up our workforce, but also the diversity of company cultures there are to choose from. Check out these responses below, then, if you like what you see, explore the companies themselves—you might just make a match of your own.

Match Made: Bandwidth

“I knew Bandwidth was the perfect fit for me as soon as I met the incredibly supportive Bandmates I'd be working with. The collaborative atmosphere here makes it a fantastic place for teamwork and our emphasis on innovation truly resonates with me. I am so passionate about my team's mission to support and empower our Bandmates, enhancing every aspect of their journey to make it more enjoyable and productive!” —Stephanie Bean, Manager, Enterprise System Administrator II  

“I knew Bandwidth was the right place for me as soon as I experienced the culture. From the Whole Person Promise to our guiding principles, Bandwidth sincerely cares about the overall success and well being of its people. The moment you step on campus, you’re immediately greeted by incredible Bandmates excited to accomplish their mission and willing to support their coworkers any way they can. I’ve felt this level of support from day one, and I know I can count on my Bandmates to continue to support me day in and day out.” —Meredith Parker, Senior Commercial Counsel  

“Bandwidth has provided me with incredible growth experiences since the day I joined as an intern, from leadership training, to attending industry conferences, and many more. In our culture, everyone’s ideas are wanted and heard, regardless of position or level, providing us with the freedom to be creative, speak our minds, and pursue the right solutions. I work with many inspiring women leaders across the organization, and I’m grateful to have the opportunity to learn from them.” —Riley James, Product Manager II

Match Made: Gradient AI

“The blend of culture, purpose, and opportunity confirmed that Gradient AI was where I belonged. The dynamic AI / tech startup atmosphere fueled my passion for innovation, while Gradient AI’s collaborative team spirit fosters growth. The company's commitment to a flexible schedule that supports remote work and work-life balance aligns with my own personal goals. As a senior content and digital marketer, I found ample room for creativity and strategic thinking, allowing me to thrive professionally and make a meaningful impact.  —Carla Gates, Senior Content Marketing Manager

Match Made: Infosys

“After years of observing the sales cycle’s reliance on market trends and industry dynamics, I’ve discovered that the challenging moments—the ‘valleys’—ignite creativity. Whether it’s with our clients, personal relationships, or professional growth, these times inspire innovation. During such periods, Infosys has consistently encouraged me to step beyond my comfort zone. I’ve enthusiastically embraced numerous strategic initiatives, allowing me to extend my creativity beyond the daily routine. And as a U.S. Army veteran, I can confidently say that there’s no one else I’d want by my side in the trenches than Infosys.” —Amy Dixon, Associate Vice President, Client Services

“Infosys has always seen me as a whole person, not just a role in the company. I have been not just enabled but encouraged to try new things—for instance, to drive segment strategy, to create and grow a function that didn’t previously exist, to suggest and lead new initiatives – and through the process, to build a far deeper understanding of the entire business. This kind of organizational dynamism and flexibility has allowed me to go off the beaten track and shape my own career path, and to not just do more but be more.” —Pragna Sen, Senior Director of Sales, Financial Services, North America

Match Made: Intuit

“I had met Intuit in my job prior, where we partnered with Intuit teams to teach workshops and learn from their Engineers. Our current CTO, Alex Balazs was sharing his personal journey into tech at one of our sessions. He was so relatable and authentic that I looked at my then boss and said, ‘I want to work for him next!’ Within a year, I was interviewing for my dream job at Intuit! Intuit showed me that being customer obsessed isn’t our only secret sauce—they care just as much about their employees, and I feel that each and every day.” —Kimbra Brookstein, Staff Program Manager, DEI in Tech & Tech Women @ Intuit Global Leader

Match Made: KinderCare Learning Companies

“Before interviewing, the job description provided a nice amount of information speaking to the culture. After applying, I continued researching the culture on their Careers website. I have three children, so the mention of a child care benefit alone was enough to pique my interest. The emphasis on family made me realize that this company would be a great match for me—both as an applicant and as someone whose kids would need to attend a KinderCare center. The interview process confirmed my belief. Now that I'm here, I know I made the right choice.” —Sydney Coleman, Marketing Associate

“From my first day with KinderCare, I could see how much our managers cared about us as people and intentionally supported our growth and development. As I continued to grow in my career, I saw how my opinions were valued, how much our employees cared about each other and the families we serve, and our dedication to building a better future for all. I can’t imagine any company being a better fit for me!” —Lindley McGuire, Communications Associate

Match Made: Markforged

“I had two internships with Markforged during my undergraduate studies, and I enjoyed it both times. I could tell that everyone was willing to help me whenever I had an issue. They allowed me to learn and grow at my own speed, using the methods that worked best for me. They trusted my skills as a new engineer and allowed me to immediately work on projects that were relevant to the company's success. I was able to grow beyond what I thought I was capable of while here as an intern, and I am excited to continue to excel as a full-time engineer!” —Emily LaBelle, Manufacturing Automation Engineer I

Match Made: Mediaocean

“I started my career on Wall Street. Not the most diverse nor the most supportive of ‘women in the workplace’ in 1983. How did I know Mediaocean was a good match for me? People and culture. I started in Support, later moved to Account, and then to Sales. When I had my first child, EVP, CS said, ‘Take time to figure out who you are now that you are a mom.’ This happened repeatedly throughout my career at Mediaocean. Life happens. Ability to chart my own course. Support from the exec team throughout the organization. Bringing out the best in all!” —Trish German, SVP, Sales

“Starting a new job is always a leap of faith. Two years into my ad ops career, I realized that I enjoyed ad trafficking, but I wanted to lean into technology. I was hungry for exposure to cool, creative executions and innovative execution strategies. Flashtalking by Mediaocean offered the perfect blend of tech and creative, which is why I made the move. The reason I’ve been here for 10 years, however, has everything to do with the people—I’m surrounded by smart people that love to solve problems and build solutions for clients and teams alike.” —Alex Peckham, VP, Partner Integrations & Solutions

Match Made: Mill Creek Residential Trust

“From the day I was hired, it was clear Mill Creek believed in me. I was one of the first associates the company hired immediately from college, so they took a leap of faith just as much as I did. This mutual trust laid a solid foundation and created an environment where my contributions, regardless of my age or rank, were not only welcomed but actively encouraged. As each year passes, my responsibility grows along with my appreciation for being part of such an incredible team. I am grateful and proud to work with such wonderful people.” —Libby Laughlin, Investment Associate - Single-Family Rental

 “Mill Creek’s interview process is really designed to identify whether a candidate and the company are mutually a good fit. It became clear to me that Mill Creek would be a good fit for me during an interview round that is centered on the candidate asking questions of the hiring team. This allowed me to explore how my potential manager’s management style would mesh with my preferred management style. I came out of this round of the interview process feeling confident my potential manager would provide me support to grow and expand my abilities.” —Alyssa Woods, AVP, Capital Markets

Match Made: Pittsburgh Regional Transit

“I knew that my company was a good match for me because I enjoy going to work each day and receiving the support needed to succeed in my position. My company offers a good work and life balance, which is so important for physical and mental health. I truly enjoy the individuals that I work with and the positive impact in the workplace that I feel is a result of this. Being able to provide Allegheny County with good transit services by ensuring that the buses have the necessary parts to run has been a rewarding experience.” —Erica Costa, Buyer Fleet Maintenance

“My positive experience at PRT started with the interview process. This was an opportunity not only to be asked questions, but to also ask my own based on what was important to me, including career growth. Valuable tools and opportunities for advancement, as well as encouragement/recognition for a job well done have proven to be a positive motivator. Additionally, PRT offers access to resources that are beneficial to employees’ work-life balance. Cultural diversity is also celebrated. A great place to work!” —Evelyn Newsome, Employee Relations Representative

Match Made: Procore Technologies

“I've been at Procore for seven years, and I stay because of our mission and culture. Many tech products feel ephemeral, but what we build helps people build the world. I also work with welcoming colleagues who genuinely care about each other and our customers, not just the bottom line. Lastly, our value of Ownership means that when I care about something, I’ve been empowered to act on it, even if it is not exactly my job. This has led to some of my favorite opportunities and accomplishments.” —Katarina Rossi, Staff Software Engineer 

“I applied to work at Procore around four times before finally being hired, as I had long believed that this company was my ideal workplace. Procore's dedication to valuing the individual behind the employee, their commitment to upholding company values, and their maintenance of a vibrant company culture set them apart from others in the area. Working with diverse and talented teams, I have consistently felt welcomed and accepted—a particularly significant experience as a woman in engineering.” —Kelli Kearns, Senior Software Engineer

Match Made: VTS

“I knew VTS was the right match for me from the beginning of my interview process. Unlike my experiences with other companies, the team at VTS took a genuine interest in getting to know me. My interviews felt more like conversations with potential teammates rather than a formal evaluation by a chain of command. I was excited to join a team of women who demonstrated exceptional work ethic, and I knew that this team would provide me with a supportive environment to grow as a young professional.” —Alexandra Livshits, People Operations Coordinator

Match Made: Whataburger

“Whataburger is my perfect match for several reasons: 1) When I come to work, I feel like part of a family; we celebrate wins, pull together in challenges and share our varying perspectives. 2) Our mission to make everyone’s day a little better resonates with me. I may not be able to fix everything, but the goal is to deliver programs that will make our Family Member’s day just a little better—that’s how I show up every day! 3) The food, duh! Standing behind a brand where quality and integrity are paramount was important for me.” —Dionnee Taylor, Total Rewards Director

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