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  3. June 3, 2019

Study: #MeToo is Helping

June 3: Badass women and the news that affects them

Study: #MeToo is Helping

Company Culture

  • Following Georgia’s decision to adopt an antiabortion “heartbeat” bill, major Hollywood studios are considering rethinking their investment in the state. Netflix (3.9 stars) , Disney (2.9 stars) , WarnerMedia (3.3 stars) , CBS (2.6 stars) , NBCUniversal (3.3 stars) , and others all said they’ll reconsider filming there in the future. Reuters

  • In celebration of Pride month, Lyft (3.4 stars) has rolled out a few new LGBT+ inclusive features. For passengers, Lyft has updated its app to allow riders to select “They/Them” pronouns, “Prefer not to say” or “My pronoun isn’t listed.” It’s also provided an in-app option for passengers to donate to the Human Rights Campaign and American Civil Liberties Union . As for its drivers, Lyft has partnered with the National Center for Transgender Equality to help its drivers change their names and gender markers on their licenses. The Week

  • JP Morgan Chase (3.3 stars) agreed to a $5 million payout to hundreds of men who claimed they did not receive the same parental leave as women at the company in what has become the biggest settlement ever recorded in a U.S. parental leave discrimination case. Since the case was filed, J.P. Morgan Chase has rendered its parental leave policy gender neutral, granting 16 weeks of paid leave to parents of any gender. Fast Company

  • Sixteen women have filed a lawsuit against the Federal Bureau of Investigation (2.6 stars) , alleging gender discrimination at its training academy, amplified by issues of race and disability. NY Times

  • Last week, Visa (3.1 stars) signed a five-year deal to sponsor the U.S. Women’s National Team through 2023. Because U.S. Soccer hasn’t officially unbundled the women’s and men’s teams, Visa technically had to sponsor both teams, but the company says over 50 percent of its donations will go to the women’s team. Fast Company

InHerSight Research

  • Because the rising cost of childcare remains out of reach for many in the U.S., women are often forced to leave the workforce. Employers could help, but most aren’t. InHerSight

  • In a 2019 InHerSight survey, women shared whether a male coworker has disclosed his pay and how comfortable they would be asking a male colleague about his salary. InHerSight

  • Women aren’t asking for raises, and even if they are, they’re likely not getting them, according to a recent survey. InHerSight

Quick Hits

  • As Pride month kicks off during the 50th anniversary year of the 1969 Stonewall uprising, New York City has announced it will honor the legacy of Marsha P. Johnson and Sylvia Rivera by contrusting a monument in Greenwich Village, just a block from the site of Stonewall. Both trans women of color, Johnson and Rivera were pioneers of the Gay Liberation Front and fought tirelessly for the inclusion of trans individuals within the larger gay rights movement. Together, they founded the Street Transvestite Action Revolutionaries (note: the term transgender was not used during this time, but is now the preferred term for trans inividuals) to provide housing and support to LGBT+ youth who had been shunned by their families. The monument to Johnson and Rivera is part of a larger effort to increase diversity in the public monuments of NYC. NY Times

  • Unfortunately, we’re all more than aware that reporting sexual harassment in the workplace is a risky move for a woman’s career. But, research from a Stanford University Ph.D candidate shows that perceptions toward women who report sexual harassment may be softening. Fast Company

  • The Democratic National Convention will require each 2020 presidential debate to have at least one woman moderator. In an election filled with more women candidates and more discussion of gender-based issues like paid family leave, child care costs, and pay parity than ever before, this new requirement is a welcome change. Refinery29

Around the World

  • Saudi Arabia: On a state-sponsored national television channel, Adel Al-Kalbani, a prominent Saudi cleric, advocated to end gender segregation in mosques, calling the practice “a kind of phobia.” Al-Kalbani argued that in the days of the Prophet Mohammad, men and women worshipped and prayed side by side. Bloomberg

  • Tanzania: The East African nation has become the latest country to ban the production, sale, and use of single-use non-biodegradable plastics in an effort to reduce pollution and waste. Reuters

  • Philippines: The number of stock market accounts in the Philippines has increased 25 percent to reach over one million. Part of the reason why? Investors are more likely than ever to be young, and female, with the percentage of women investors rising from 45 percent to 48 percent! Bloomberg

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