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  1. Blog
  2. Mental Health
  3. Last updated April 17, 2023

29 Companies That Offer Mental Health Support Benefits

Benefits that bring out your best self

Woman supporting employee's mental health needs
Photo courtesy of Priscilla Du Preez

This article is part of InHerSight's Partners in Diversity series. Discover companies partnering with InHerSight to better support women in the workplace.

If it feels like everyone is talking about going to therapy these days, then you might be cluing into a noticeable shift in Americans’ awareness of and attitude toward mental health. In 2019, an American Psychological Association study found 87 percent of American adults believed having a mental health disorder was nothing to be ashamed of, and when the pandemic began a year later, about one in five adults noted experiencing mental health illnesses. One study in 2021 reported that 42 percent of global employees had experienced a decline in mental health since the pandemic began. 

“Think about the people you work closely with at your company—if you are not directly impacted, your coworkers are,” says Amy Robertson, a mental health advocate, CEO, and founder of Soul Advantage, LLC. “This means that your teammates are coming into the workplace every day dealing with some heavy burdens that may distract them or prevent them from operating at their best.”

It’s no wonder InHerSight data show mental health resources are the wellness benefit women want most from their employers. Mental health concerns are top of mind amid the ongoing stress, anxiety, and loneliness of the pandemic, and the widespread normalization of mental health is encouraging people to seek out companies that support their needs.

And just like those employee needs will vary, employer approaches to mental health benefits range widely, from onsite yoga sessions to meditation app subscriptions to full-on therapy stipends, giving job seekers the opportunity to choose a company that supports them in the way they value most. Robertson adds that paid time off policies, flexible work hours, and how leaders communicate and set expectations can also be important signals of a company’s support of mental health. “Women should be confirming the corporate values align with their own personal values,” she says. 

Is mental health support high on your priority list? Explore our list of mental health support benefits to discover an employer that offers the wellness benefits you need to be your best self on and off the clock. 

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29 companies that offer mental health support benefits

1. Alley Interactive

What they offer: Mental health days baked into their paid sick time policy to ensure employees take the personal time they need. 

2. Allied Electronics & Automation 

What they offer: An employee resource group called Lifeworks that supports mental and financial wellness. 

3. Amazon

What they offer: Free, confidential, 24/7 access to counseling sessions and everyday life support for employees and their household members, and digital apps to help with stress, anxiety, and mindfulness. Additionally, employees enrolled in a medical plan have access to long-term counseling, substance use treatment, and specialty care for children and teens.

4. Aurora Insight

What they offer: A $100 per month health and wellness stipend to cover things like fitness classes, ski passes, gym equipment, mental health subscriptions, etc.

5. Buzzer

What they offer: Unlimited access to guided meditation and curated playlists through Headspace, access to virtual mental health app Spring Health for personalized quality therapy and psychiatry, and three additional PTO days each year for rest and recovery.

6. b.well Connected Health

What they offer: Access to Headspace and their b.well app, at no cost to the employee.

7. Chainalysis

What they offer: Access to Spring Health that provides access licensed therapists around the world.

8. CrowdStrike

What they offer: An internal, whole-body wellness program and employee assistance programs that feature regular challenges focused on physical and mental wellness.

9. Customistic

What they offer: A health insurance program centered on supporting the mental and physical health of women and LGBTQ+ employees after 60 days of employment. 

10. DriveTime

What they offer: Access to Talkspace for online therapy through their health insurance

11. Elevate Labs 

What they offer: A free annual subscription to their meditation app, Balance. Plus, five additional subscriptions for friends and family.

12. ESO Solutions

What they offer: Through First Stop Health, 24/7 access to virtual counseling (or virtual access to a counselor) for depression and anxiety, work-life stress, grief and loss, substance use, relationships issues, and with no limit to total number of counseling visits. The benefit has no copays, consultation fees, or restrictions on the number of visits and is available to employees and their immediate family members.

13. FloQast

What they offer: Every quarter, FloQast closes its office for a mental health day.

14. InfoTrust

What they offer: Through health insurance, access to acute inpatient services, partial hospitalization services, residential treatment facility services, emergency care, outpatient services (which includes psychiatric and psychological visits), skilled nursing facility services, and home health care services.

15. Intuit

What they offer: A Well Minds program that helps employees stay mindful and take care of their emotional well-being. It includes access to self-paced sessions via a digital mindfulness platform, access to wellness coaches for lifestyle and condition management, and ability to schedule telemedicine virtual and in-person one-on-one counseling sessions. Intuit also offers a Well-being for Life Program, which supports employees in their well-being journey. Employees are able to be reimbursed for up to $1,300 per fiscal year for expenses related to their emotional, physical and financial wellbeing.

16. JupiterOne

What they offer: Reimbursement up to $600 per year for wellness activities, such as gym memberships, fitness equipment, yoga, meditation, sports, etc.

17. Markforged

What they offer: Free onsite yoga classes throughout the year!

18. Mediaocean

What they offer: Open paid time off to all U.S. Mediaocean employees to cover sick days, vacation days, and mental health days, an employee resource group centered on elevating awareness and advocacy about mental health and wellness issues, and a company-paid Headspace membership.

19. nate

What they offer: Yoga and massages in the office on Fridays, a Headspace membership, and a designated meditation room in the office.

20. netlify 

What they offer: Complimentary access to Headspace and online therapy provider

21. Palo Alto Networks

What they offer: An employee assistance program that provides access to confidential counseling visits, information, referral tools, resources, and consultation to help with stress, emotional health, relationships, home life, financial and legal assistance, and career support. Employees and their eligible dependents also have access to self-serve resources through Modern Health, their global mental wellness partner, plus a $1,000 per year stipend for items or experiences that enhance health or wellbeing.

22. Penn Interactive Ventures

What they offer: One mental health day per quarter.

23. Publicis Sapient

What they offer: A subscription to Headspace.

24. Schaeffer's Investment Research

What they offer: A stipend each year to cover mental health services and an in-office Zen room complete with mood lighting and yoga mats.

25. Somos

What they offer: A free subscription to the Calm app.

26. Supernatural

What they offer: A monthly reimbursement for approved expenses related to fitness, mental wellness, and self-care, and family support and treatment programs for all full-time employees. They also offer a complimentary Calm Premium subscription to encourage mental wellness through accessible meditation, stretching, journaling, and sleep.

27. Vertex Pharmaceuticals 

What they offer: A Headspace subscription to help employees manage stress, anxiety, work and productivity levels, sleep, and overall physical health as well as confidential, on-demand mental health support and therapy through

28. Walker Advertising

What they offer: Morning meditations, emotional support services, and discounts on meal plans and travel.

29. The Zebra

What they offer: An employee resource group for people with disabilities, neurodiversity, invisible illnesses, and caregivers, plus a $100 per month wellness stipend for mental and physical fitness.

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