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6 Ways to Make More Money You Haven’t Thought of Yet

Side-hustles are on the rise, and these unique options have a decent payout

Woman counting her money
Photo courtesy of Karolina Grabowska

When I first started working for myself, I worked all kinds of jobs. Secret shopper, workshop facilitator, resume writer…you name it, I did it. I’d just left a job I hated and decided to start my own business. I promised myself that I’d work 10 jobs before I went back to that one job. So, I started taking on side-hustles to pay my bills and support my freelance career. Aside from helping me earn money, my side-hustles taught me how to run a business, manage my time well, and pursue creative interests. I also learned more about managing my money, which was a long-term goal of mine. I have a feeling I’m not alone in that.

Recently, InHerSight surveyed 2,000 women about pay satisfaction —an overwhelming number said they are currently unsatisfied with their pay. That means many women either need look for higher paying careers (easier said than done), learn how to negotiate better salaries, ask for a raise, or find ways to make more money. Let’s tackle that last item—the semi-fun way.

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1. TaskRabbit

TaskRabbit is a go-to resource for short-term gigs you can do in your area. As a Tasker, you help people tackle home improvement projects. You can search for tasks by category or area, making this a super convenient side-hustle that you can do before work, after you clock out, or during the weekends. Although pay rates vary, the average project pays between $48 and $129. Not to mention, Ikea’s 2017 acquisition of TaskRabbit has made it easier for you to get paid to help customers assemble furniture. With this side-hustle, you can set your own hours and complete as many (or as few) tasks as you’d like.

2. Lime Juicer

When it comes to this side hustle, you got the juice! As a Lime Juicer, you round up electric scooters with low battery, charge them to at least 95 percent, then return them to a LimeHub (delivery site) to be used by riders. While this side-hustle requires you to buy the charger ($20 for each one), you can expect a convenient payout through the Lime app after delivering charged scooters. Lime Juicers typically make $5 to $12 per scooter, depending on how much juice the scooter needs and how many people need scooters in your area. This side-hustle is most lucrative for women who live in larger cities with lots of foot traffic and can fit into almost any schedule.

3. Rover

As you may have guessed, Rover dog-sitting jobs are great for pet lovers. According to Rover, pet-sitters can earn up to $1,000 per month. While you won’t likely make that much in the beginning, you can set your own rates and decide how many dogs to watch at once. Once you create a profile, you can accept pet-sitting requests and get paid within two days of completing the service. If you love dogs, like to help people, and want to make extra money, you can care for dogs overnight or during the day. You can also walk dogs or check in on them while their owners are away. Rover allows you to indicate which days you want to work, so this side-hustle is convenient for women with part- or full-time jobs.

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4. ModSquad Mod

Most companies find their core customers online. With ModSquad, you can help these companies meet customers where they are. As a Mod, you may be assigned to answer customer questions on social media or moderate chat forums. According to ModSquad, everyone from stay-at-home moms to students have found success with this side-hustle. This is a great option for women who have solid customer service skills and can type quickly and accurately. If you possess these skills along with high-speed internet and regular computer access (private networks only), you can apply to become a Mod. The pay for this gig depends on several factors, including your availability and skill level. However, you can make about $9 per hour. Not to mention, you’ll gain experience in digital engagement, which is a great skill to add to your resume.

5. LineAngel

Are you good on your feet? Okay with standing for long periods? You may be the newest addition to the LineAngel team! As a LineAngel, you hold a spot in line for customers. This is referred to as a line sitting. With this side job, you can bring in an extra $11 to $18 per hour plus tips. And, what’s even better is that you have the freedom to make your own schedule. However, it’s important that you set aside enough time to stand in long lines at concerts, casting calls, or department store openings (think Black Friday). In some cases, you could be saving people time during daily errands by line sitting at the DMV or local restaurants. Customers can book LineAngels for same-day line sitting or upcoming events. As long as you keep a close eye on your schedule, you can easily balance this side-hustle with your day job.

6. Shipt Shopper

Grocery delivery is on the rise! Many people are ditching traditional grocery shopping for more convenient options like Shipt. With Shipt, you can help make this happen and earn some cash at the same time. Once you become an approved Shopper and download the app, you can earn money to deliver people’s groceries. As with most side-hustles, your pay increases as your experience increases. Once you complete about 30 successful deliveries, you can begin making $22 per hour, on average. This is ideal for side-hustlers who want to get paid frequently as Shipt pays Shoppers weekly. If you’re seeking a side-hustle that pays well and can easily fit into your schedule, check here to review the requirements and apply to become a Shipt Shopper.

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