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Behold Your Personal “Top Companies” List

Generic best-companies-for-women lists are so 2016... Meet our Match tool.

What’s important to women when looking for a job? Paid time off? A flexible work schedule? Knowing they have as good a shot at a promotion as their male colleagues?

It’s a trick question, obviously, since every individual has unique needs. Yet the policies and perks targeted to women in the workplace are consistently represented as one-size-fits-all.

Every worker has his or her own set of requirements that change over time and life stages. This is especially true for women, who often find themselves moving between drastically different goals and definitions of success throughout their careers. At InHerSight, we’ve built a new tool that recognizes those variances and helps working women find the companies that will best support their current dreams and goals.

Think of InHerSight as the TripAdvisor by and for working women. We collect employer ratings and build scorecards that show how satisfied women are with thousands of companies, from Apple to Zayo Group. Now, we’re using that data to play matchmaker, too. ( Click here to skip the explanation and get started finding great companies. )

No matter your definition of success, we aim to help you find the workplaces that will give you your best shot at it—whether that’s making it into the C-suite, never missing your daughter’s basketball games, or continuously growing your professional toolbox.

You see, in trying to figure out how to drive change in our own lives and careers — and in the lives of other women as well — we learned that it’s really about each individual woman having the tools and resources to make the right decisions for herself. And we think our new Match feature is just the tool for the job.

Simply select the things that matter most to you from our list of 14 ratings metrics, Then, we’ll go to work finding companies that score highly in those categories.

We see three main categories in which employers can support women: Career, Family, and Personal Growth. And we ask women to rate their companies on 14 metrics that correspond to those categories.

Using this new lens, you can quickly and easily see how well employers (current and future) meet your criteria. And since change is the only constant in life, updating your Match criteria is as easy as a few mouse-clicks.

It all works because of InHerSight’s anonymous ratings platform, which goes beyond the surface-level questions of “Is this company good for women?” or “Would women recommend this company to other women?” Our collective data acknowledges that, not only aren’t all women looking for the same supports, but also that employees’ needs aren’t static.

So what are you waiting for? Get your company matches today .

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