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  1. Blog
  2. Finding a Job
  3. November 15, 2023

Do You Need a New Job? These 32 Signs Will Help You Know for Sure

Pros and cons to look out for in your current role

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This article is part of InHerSight's Finding a Job series. Discover our most popular and relevant resources for finding a job fast—at a company that cares as much about your career as you do.

Are you feeling stuck in your current job, wondering if it's time for a change? Paying attention to certain signs can help you assess whether it's time to start searching for new opportunities. Here are 20 compelling signs that indicate you might need a new job:

14 clear signs you need a new job 

1. You lack passion

You used to be excited about work, but now you find yourself dragging your feet every morning. Your daily tasks might even feel repetitive and fail to challenge or engage you intellectually.

2. Growth is stagnant

Your skills and knowledge have remained static for a long time, and there are no opportunities for professional development.

3. You have an unhealthy work-life balance

You consistently find yourself working late nights and weekends, with no time for personal or family activities. The demands of your job take precedence over everything else. 

4. You're in a toxic work environment

Colleagues or superiors constantly undermine each other, creating a negative and unsupportive atmosphere. Read more signs of a toxic work environment here.

5. You feel undervalued

Despite your hard work, you receive little recognition or appreciation from your superiors.

6. Your values are mismatched

Your personal values and beliefs don't align with the company culture, making you feel out of place. You might even have ethical concerns, with the company's practices conflicting with your personal standards and making you uncomfortable.

7. You’re burned out

You're physically and emotionally exhausted, and even small tasks feel overwhelming. Read more about the impact of burnout

8. You’re constantly stress

High-pressure situations at work are negatively impacting your mental and physical wellbeing.

9. You’re dissatisfied with compensation

Your salary and benefits no longer reflect your skills, experience, and industry standards.

10. There’s poor management or leadership

Leadership lacks direction, communication is ineffective, and decisions seem arbitrary.

11. There are frequent layoffs

 The company has a history of laying off employees, causing anxiety and job insecurity.

12. Training as been inadequate

You lack the resources and training necessary to excel in your role.

13. There’s a lack of autonomy

Micromanagement is prevalent, stifling your ability to make decisions and showcase your skills. Read why micromanagement can be so bad.

14. You feel disconnected from the company mission

You no longer believe in the company's mission or the value it brings to its customers. This can be as straightforward as not believing its product is worthwhile or as complicated as values misalignment, mentioned above. 

If you find yourself nodding in agreement with several of these signs, it may be time to start exploring new career opportunities. Remember, a fulfilling and satisfying career is crucial for your overall happiness and wellbeing. But if you don’t check any of the above boxes—or you’re still unsure—consider these positive and under-the-radar things to consider when assessing the overall health of your job and work environment. 

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18 positive signs your company and role is healthy 

1. There are consistent learning opportunities 

You regularly find yourself learning new things, whether it's through small challenges, exposure to different projects, or informal learning opportunities.

2. Your organization is adaptable

The organization shows adaptability to change and innovation, indicating a forward-thinking culture that can weather industry shifts.

3. There is interdepartmental collaboration

There is a positive collaboration between different departments, fostering a sense of unity and shared goals across the organization.

4. There are mentorship opportunities

You have access to mentorship or guidance within the company, indicating a commitment to professional development.

5. There’s healthy employee turnover

Employee turnover is low, suggesting that people enjoy working there and find value in their roles.

6. The company uses technology effectively

The organization embraces and effectively implements technology, indicating a commitment to staying competitive and efficient.

7. Employees are involved in decision-making

Employees, at various levels, are involved in decision-making processes, suggesting a democratic and inclusive leadership style.

8. Office politics are minimal

Office politics are at a minimum, and decisions are based on merit rather than personal alliances.

9. Goal-setting is transparent

Clear goals are set for teams and individuals, and progress is regularly communicated, fostering a sense of purpose and achievement.

10. Problem-solving is proactive 

Issues are addressed proactively, and there is a culture of continuous improvement, indicating a commitment to a healthy work environment.

11. Crisis management is working

The company effectively navigates and manages crises, demonstrating resilience and strategic planning.

12. There are effective employee wellbeing programs

The organization invests in employee wellbeing, offering programs or initiatives that focus on physical and mental health.

13. There are ample cross-training opportunities

Cross-training opportunities exist, allowing employees to diversify their skill sets and contribute to different aspects of the business.

14. The company’s reputation is strong 

The company has a positive reputation within the industry, attracting talent and fostering a sense of pride among employees.

15. You receive feedback regularly

There is a culture of providing constructive feedback regularly, promoting individual and team growth.

16. The company celebrates milestones

The organization celebrates not only big achievements but also smaller milestones, fostering a positive and motivating environment.

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17. Communication channels are effective

Communication channels are efficient, ensuring that important information is disseminated in a timely and transparent manner.

18. There is flexibility in work processes

The company is open to new ideas and flexible in adapting work processes, indicating a willingness to evolve with changing dynamics.

These subtle signs can often reveal the underlying health and culture of a workplace, providing valuable insights into whether your current job is a good fit for your long-term career satisfaction.

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