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Ambition Gap? Think Again.

According to data recently compiled by Accenture, mothers who are still in the workforce are no less likely to demonstrate ambition than their childless peers, dispelling the myth that after childbirth women lose commitment to their jobs.

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In fact, Accenture's research for their Getting to Equal campaign found that working mothers possess more ambition in some areas than their childless peers. The study found that not only are working moms slightly more likely to covet top leadership spots, but they are more likely willing to change jobs to achieve that goal.

Working mothers want to make a difference: 72% express a desire to work with a company that makes efforts to advance women. Furthermore, working moms have higher standards for their employers, requesting support in mentorship and lifelong learning, as well as with flexible hours and transparency.

In InHerSight’s own data, we found almost no difference in what moms want when compared to women without children. Priorities for all women include a good paid time off package, satisfaction with their salary, and supportive coworkers. In fact, there is no difference in how women with children and women without children rank the benefits they want most from their employers.

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Despite these findings, the wage gap between women and men still worsens when women become mothers.

Accenture proposes that increasing fluency and skill in the digital world could help women—especially mothers—close this gap. Already, 49% of working mothers are utilizing digital to help them control when and how they work.

With changing attitudes and work platforms, hopefully the ambition gap misconception and real-life problems it leads to can finally be put to a stop.

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