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Company Spotlight: Procore Technologies

This California-headquartered construction software company is excelling with women, and we just had to find out why.

By InHerSight
Company Spotlight: Procore Technologies
Photo provided by Procore Technologies

We spoke to Procore Technologies Senior People Services Manager Traci Jackson, who gave us an inside view of why women love working for this billion-dollar startup that lives its culture of openness, optimism and ownership; and trusts its employees to take off the time they need to live a well-balanced life, including taking breaks to catch some waves at nearby surfing hotspot, Rincon Point.

Tell us more about Procore.

Procore is a software company that provides a project management platform to the construction industry. If you walk by a construction site, there’s a good chance that the construction workers are using Procore to ensure that walls are going up on time, windows are being installed in the right locations, and safety precautions are being followed and reviewed.

We are headquartered in Carpinteria, CA, and have offices in Austin, TX; Willmar, MN; Portland, OR; San Diego, CA; New York, NY and San Francisco, CA. We have close to 700 employees, with 34% being female.

Photo provided by Procore Technologies

How would you describe your company’s culture?

Our culture is reflective of our values, which are openness, optimism, and ownership. These aren’t just words on posters we hang around the office, they’re values everyone on the Procore team adheres by. For instance, the value of openness is seen in our monthly all-company meetings, in which our leadership team shares the latest updates about the company. Even most of our walls and doors are glass to promote the feeling of openness.

Do you have any women on your executive team and/or board? And if so, do you feel like they have helped influence the culture or policies that are driving your awesome scores?

Yes. Michelle Greer is Vice President of People and Suzanne Mayeur is Vice President of Operations. Suzanne has been with Procore since day one, and she plays a huge part in first, helping to shape our culture and also maintaining it during our recent hyper-growth. Michelle has been vital to making our growth possible, and she’s ensuring that we’re not only hiring for skills but for company fit by using a panel of cultural ambassadors that interview all candidates.

You have great InHerSight scores for paid time off (5.0), flexible work hours (4.6) and ability to telecommute (4.1). What are your policies and programs around these areas that are important to the women searching for jobs on our site?

In January 2016, we made the change from a traditional PTO policy to an unlimited program we call Procore Values Time Off. We all work hard and have achieved a lot! We recognize that for our employees to continue to give their best and live a well-balanced life, they need to take time off for rest and relaxation; we trust them to take off the time they need, while accomplishing their objectives. This trust also extends to allowing most employees to schedule their own working hours.

Procore is hiring!

Check out their open positions, amazing ratings, and more on their InHerSight page.

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Your highest scores are in our “Personal Development” category which includes: learning opportunities, social activities and wellness programs. What are some of the learning opportunities you offer? How about wellness initiatives or programs?

Every week there are multiple learning opportunities focused on professional and personal development. Professional development activities and programs reach all areas including communication, technical, presentation skills, and mentorship. We also focus heavily on personal development so our employees often attend events such as wine tastings, kickboxing classes, or even go salsa dancing!

As for wellness initiatives, we have onsite yoga, boot camp classes, and multiple sports teams - in addition to an onsite gym. We’re fortunate enough to be a stone’s throw from one of the most well-known surf spots in California, Rincon Point. Many employees take time out during their busy day to surf.

Can you share some of your social activities? Do you have any that are specifically for women?

We just started Lean-In Circles geared towards women, but anyone can attend! Almost 100 people came to the first meeting, and we are excited to continue the initiative. Some other social activities include movie nights, volunteering in our local communities with our volunteer program Procore Cares, and various family and friends events such as Snow Day and pumpkin carving. A favorite event is Procore All Hands where every employee gathers for a 3-day off-site retreat to learn about the company, different teams, and bond through various activities.

Your scores for “the people you work with” are some of the strongest on our site. How are you attracting such great people?

Having a well-rounded company helps us in attracting amazing people. Our value-led culture, great perks, spectacular product, and strong leadership are just a few of the factors that go into what makes Procore a great place to work. We were recently ranked by Glassdoor as a Best Place to Work, no doubt due in part to our amazing culture.

Photo provided by Procore Technologies

What is it about your work environment that makes it feel like a supportive place for women?

At Procore, we really live by our values: optimism, openness and ownership. Any person who embodies our values can be successful here. We provide encouragement and resources to grow, try new things, and become more involved in the tech community. For example, we recently worked with Women in Tech to do a Snapchat takeover where one of our female engineers shared her journey in tech to inspire thousands of women across the world.

How excited were you to find InHerSight?:-)

We were extremely excited to find InHerSight and jumped at the opportunity to work with and be a part of the community!

Get more of the inside scoop from the women working at Procore Technologies on the Procore Technologies InHerSight page.

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