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82 Good-Paying Jobs for 2022

Earn what you deserve this year

Woman smiling at a good-paying job in 2022
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Good jobs offer more than a great salary. But no matter how many days off you get, it’s still amazing when you can stop living paycheck-to-paycheck. Life is expensive!  

Some companies make up for mediocre pay with better benefits–paid time off, healthcare, paying for continued education or egg freezing, to name just a few. When you start your job search, make sure you’re considering the whole package. You can use our guides on companies with excellent fertility coverage, how to get good fringe benefits, and our list of the best companies as rated by women who work there.  

Ideally, you get the good benefits and the great pay. The 83 careers listed here are among the highest-paying of 2022, so you can find one you like, and get yourself on the path to a better salary.   

Exactly what are “good-paying” jobs?

Everyone’s salary needs and goals are unique to them. A “good-paying” job to one person might not be enough for another. For this list, we considered what individuals earn per year and what households are spending.

Let’s start with the median annual earnings of women working full-time in the United States aged 15 years and older in 2020–$50,982. For men, it was $61,417 (thank you, gender wage gap). And for anyone who needs a reminder from math class, the “median” is the middle entry in a set of numbers. It’s like taking all of the salary results, listing them from lowest to highest, and then picking the number in the middle–or the average of the middle two if there’s an even number of salaries listed. 

A good-news sidenote? Women’s earnings are up 6.5 percent from 2019, while men’s rose 5.6 percent.  

Every May, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics releases wage data for hundreds of occupations. The most recent data is from May 2020, and the data for May 2021 will be out in the spring of 2022. They reported in the most recent data that the average wage of 2020 was $56,310 for both men and women. 

So, average salaries are ranking in the low- to mid-$50,000s. But how much does life cost?

Average yearly household expenses in 2020 were $61,334. Of course, this could be much higher or lower than your yearly expenses since household costs will vary drastically depending on how many mouths there are to feed. Plus, spending goes up as people make more–your car purchase will feel very different after you get that sweet promotion.

Putting all of this together, and taking into account that everyone has different money needs, we defined “good-paying” at anything above $80,000.

Just remember that not every individual job with the same title will pay what’s shown here. That depends on the specifics of the role, the company that’s paying the salary, and the city where the job is–$80,000 in Mississippi goes a lot further than $80,000 in New York City. But this is a great resource to show you what’s possible on your hunt for good pay.

Good-paying jobs in medicine and health industries

The majority of the top 25 highest-paying jobs based on this data are health-related. This makes sense–the stakes are high, and the training takes a lot of years and tuition. If you love healing people and want a job that involves being “on call” outside of your office hours, there are plenty of options that pay extremely well.

Medicine and health jobs paying $200,000+

Anesthesiologists - $271,440

Surgeons - $251,650

Obstetricians and Gynecologists - $239,120

Orthodontists - $237,990

Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons - $234,990

Physicians - $218,850

Psychiatrists - $217,100

Medicine and health jobs paying $100,000 - $200,000

Nurse Anesthetists - $189,190

Dentists - $180,830

Pediatricians - $184,570

Podiatrists - $151,110

Pharmacists - $125,460

Optometrists - $125,440

Nurse Midwives- $115,540

Physician Assistants - $116,080

Nurse Practitioners - $114,540

Veterinarians - $108,350

Medicine and health jobs paying $80,000 - $100,000

Radiation Therapists - $94,300

Physical Therapists - $91,680

Genetic Counselors - $89,710

Audiologists - $89,230

Occupational Therapists - $87,480

Chiropractors - $83,830

Speech-Language Pathologists - $83,240

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Good-paying jobs in computers and technology industries

The tech sector rakes in money, so jobs here get rewarded. They’re exciting and sometimes even life-changing, depending on what part of tech you work in. Here’s what’s paying the best right now.

Computer and tech jobs paying $100,000+

IT Managers - $151,150

Computer and Information Research Scientists - $130,890

Computer Network Architects - $119,230

Software Developers - $114,270

Computer and Information Analysts - $100,680

Computer and tech jobs paying $80,000 - $100,000

Computer Systems Analysts - $99,020

Computer Programmers - $95,640

Web Developers - $85,490

Good-paying jobs in business industries

These corporate, business jobs are the classic good-payers. Usually, the more successful and well-known the company, the bigger the salary. Like any industry, these jobs can come with long hours and meeting-packed schedules, but that’s not so bad if you love what you do (and we’d love to see more women CEOs). Here are the top good-paying jobs in finance, sales, marketing, and human resources.

Business jobs paying $100,000+

CEOs - $197,840

Marketing Managers - $154,470

Financial Managers - $151,510

Sales Managers - $147,580

Human Resources Managers - $134,580

Training and Development Managers - $125,920

Business Operations Manager - $103,650

Business jobs paying $80,000 - $100,000

Management Analysts - $97,580

Financial Advisor - $89,330

Project Managers - $84,290

Budget Analysts - $82,690

Accountants/Auditors - $81,660

Good-paying jobs in art and creative industries

Get paid well to be creative and let your inner art geek flourish. While some of these fun jobs that pay well are specific to the TV and film industry, there are plenty of companies all over the country that need art directors and video editors.  

Art and creative jobs paying $100,000+

Art Directors - $114,490

Art and creative jobs paying $80,000 - $100,000

Makeup Artists - $99,990

Agents and Artist Managers - $98,070

Actors, Producers, Directors - $88,190

Special Effects Artists and Animators - $88,080

Fashion Designers - $87,210

Film and Video Editors - $83,880

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Good-paying jobs in math, science, and engineering industries

Love numbers? Data? Facts? You can dive into theorems and experiments and get paid well to do it.

Math, science, and engineering jobs paying $100,000+

Astronomers - $126,250

Nuclear Engineers - $125,130

Actuaries - $123,180

Aerospace Engineers - $121,110

Mathematicians - $112,530

Geoscientists - $112,110

Electrical Engineers - $105,990

Biochemists/Biophysicists - $104,810

Math, science, and engineering jobs paying $80,000 - $100,000

Statisticians - $97,170

Civil Engineers - $95,440

Microbiologists - $91,840

Biological Scientists - $91,550

Hydrologists - $90,150

Architects - $89,470

Chemists - $86,410

Epidemiologists - $83,620

More good-paying jobs!

If you aren’t into the industries we already mentioned, don’t worry, there are more good jobs to choose from…

Lawyers - $148,910

Air Traffic Controllers - $127,440

Political Scientists - $123,350

Economists - $120,880

Judges - $116,390

Commercial Pilots - $110,830

Education Administrators (K-12) - $103,010

Supervisors of Police and Detectives - $97,180

Sociologists - $93,420

Postsecondary Teachers - $93,330

Life Scientists - $91,710

Detectives and Criminal Investigators - $89,300

School Psychologists - $89,290

Elevator and Escalator Installers and Repairers - $86,200

Real Estate Brokers - $81,630

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