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State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Company

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I love the longevity and family oriented company State Farm Gives me . I wish as in pay we can match our competitors pay we are behind at least $10k a year behind others.

Unsatisfied Rater

State Farm has been going through a lot of transition and even though they've said it won't impact us, it has. The moral is very low, and nothing is being done to excite employees and keep us interested. 99% of coworkers that I've talked to are looking for new jobs. Not only because we're being paid so low as software developers compared to other companies in the same area as our office, but we're being asked to do more work (developers must now test, do "service work" which means monitor and troubleshoot in off hours and weekends (we have no choice)) and due to the transitions, positions were eliminated that now creates more work and paperwork for a developer that we shouldn't have to do.
Management is tricky-most are two-faced. Anyone from Bloomington is "state farm nice". Raises happen once a year, but don't make any real difference in your paycheck. We used to get nice bonuses based on how auto policies are doing, but we're in the negatives for our goals this year, so goodbye bonus. Working from home is frowned upon. You can do it, but you almost have to beg for it. They got rid of free time for doctors appointments, so now you have to work extra or take PTO. The hourly workers they hire for the call centers are sketchy and disgusting. They steal from our desks so we must lock our things up. The bathrooms on their floors are unspeakable. And you can smell that they've smoked weed in the parking garage. We now have armed guards that walk our floors.
Understandably there's an expectation to get your work done, but they want it done yesterday. If you take too long or run into issues, it's your personal problem and I can't tell you how many times I've had days over 10 hours.

Very Unsatisfied Rater

Massive changes over the last 5 years turned this company heartless and only concerned with numbers. They used to care about their employees and focus on work life balance. Now they do not have designated paid sick time (you have to use your vacation time) and you are reminded daily that you are replaceable.

Unsatisfied Rater

Under the new CEO, the company culture & morale has deteriorated greatly. Very production driven with little to no value for human capital. Employees are treated like dogs in a machine. Training and development is deplorable. Benefits have been reduced or taken away. Employees are in desperate need for a union. Tenured people who work there feel stuck and fearful of not being able to find something else so they stay. I have no peers that say they are happy. From the coffee shop thru the halls all you ever hear is employee discontent.

Very Unsatisfied Rater

Great time off options. Supportive for female employees and a diverse work force. Flexibility for remote working no longer exists. Flexible work hours has greatly decreased.

Satisfied Rater

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