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Hello ladies! I have an unusual career path (worked right after high school, went back to school while working full time, did internships, got a Bachelor in marketing, worked in marketing, left because I refused to work with an abusive management, went back to school, got my MBA while running an exchange program with the university and managing the company in charge of it). Now, after all these ups and downs, I feel it is finally time for me to start my journey to become that successful executive that I know I can be, but since I do not have the "right" steps on my resume according to employers, I do not get any calls back from companies. Also, additional info, I will need a work visa in the future, meaning I need to use my MBA in my position. What is your advice? Thanks a lot for your precious help!
Listen to what people tell me: get my foot in the door somewhere and hope that I will climb the ladder enough in 9 months to get my visa and face the possibility to go back to Europe anyway
Get any job that would make me use my MBA even if I am not very good at it
Trust my guts and keep applying, hoping at some point it will pay off