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11 Cool Things Women Are Doing to Make the World Better

Is making a dollar worth it if you aren’t making a difference?

By InHerSight
11 Cool Things Women Are Doing to Make the World Better
oneinchpunch /

We all know that giving back feels good. Research even shows that companies with social missions -- those aiming to make the world a better place -- are more successful. We’ve seen this prove true as companies like Warby Parker and TOMS start to redefine what corporate culture should look like, incorporating activism and positive social impact into their business models.

This summer, InHerSight wants to take a peek into the ways that women are changing the world through their business. To kick it off, we’ve put together a list of 11 women who are making a positive impact with their business. In the coming weeks, we’ll be sharing profiles of the women that we’ve been lucky enough to cross paths with who are truly making a difference. From increasing sexual wellness, to saving the bees, to closing the investing gap, women are changing things up.

1. See Jane Go

Putting women in the front seat

Savannah Jordan founded See Jane Go, a car service marketed for women’s concerns. Unlike Uber and Lyft, See Jane Go was created for women, by women, connecting female passengers to female drivers. See Jane Go strives to give women peace of mind when hailing a ride.

She Taxis on Twitter | Facebook | Instagram


Shattering the stigma around periods

Photo from

Women are tired of hiding their periods. Thankfully, Alexandra Friedman and Jordana Kier are bringing period conversations out in the open with LOLA, a 100% organic cotton tampon subscription service.They firmly believe that #TamponsAreNotALuxury and want women of all economic backgrounds to have access to healthy, convenient menstrual products.

LOLA on Twitter | Facebook | Instagram

3. Quiet Revolution

Unlocking the power of introverts

Five years ago, Susan Cain wrote Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking. Now, Quiet Revolution is a thriving company that preaches the quiet strength of introverts in schools and workplaces, educating the uninformed of the power of quiet.

Quiet Revolution on Twitter | Facebook | Instagram

4. The Tempest

Transforming the world through media

The Tempest is Laila Alawa’s technology and media company that is telling important stories that are authentic, unconventional, and disruptive. Their articles are personal narratives, often controversial and unrepresented stances, that come straight from a myriad of diverse millennial women.

The Tempest on Twitter | Facebook | Instagram

5. Black Girls Code

Changing the face of technology

Photo from

Kimberly Bryant has made it her personal mission to bring #BlackGirlMagic to coding. Her non-profit, Black Girls Code, organizes after-school programs and workshops for young girls of color. The girls are taught details of computer programming and develop an appreciation of technology. The company’s ultimate goal? To train 1 million girls by 2040.

Black Girls Code on Twitter | Facebook | Instagram

6. Blendoor

Matching people to jobs without bias

Blendoor is working to ensure that talent doesn’t go to waste. Founded by Stephanie Lampkin, the app only allows recruiters to see job applicants’ resumes, eliminating unconscious biases that may arise during the hiring process. Lampkin hopes that her app helps recruiters could focus on what matters most when hiring: experience and capability.

Blendoor on Twitter | Facebook | Instagram

7. Worldly Box and Raven + Lily

Empowering artists across the globe

Worldly Box and Raven + Lily are two companies that help female artisans earn a living. Founded by Veronica Hernandez, Worldly Box is a subscription box service that delivers handcrafted jewelry from around the world right to your doorstep. Similarly, Kirsten Dickerson’s Raven + Lily is an ethical fashion and lifestyle brand. Both partner with talented global artists who may not have the opportunity to make money otherwise.

Worldly Box on Twitter | Facebook | Instagram

Raven & Lily on Twitter | Facebook | Instagram

8. FEED Projects

Fighting against global childhood hunger

Photo from FEED's Instagram

FEED Projects, Lauren Bush’s world-hunger-fighting ethical product company, turns 10 this year.The company has given away over 94 million meals to those in need already. FEED is moving beyond selling bags and apparel and is now opening a cafe in Brooklyn, New York. Every customer's’ purchases will provide meals for malnourished children around the world.

FEED on Twitter | Facebook | Instagram

9. The Giving Keys

Crafting the keys that will unlock positivity and change

If giving is good, The Giving Keys, a jewelry brand founded by Caitlin Crosby, has it down to a science. Each necklace is meant to be passed along when they meet someone who needs the message more than they do. “Paying it forward is the ripple effect that will change the world,” the company website states.Additionally, The Giving Keys employs people transitioning out of homelessness at a living wage.

The Giving Keys on Twitter | Facebook | Instagram

10. Après

Eradicating the workforce’s motherhood penalty

Transitioning back to full-time after a career pause can be daunting. Après can help with that. The brand, created by Jennifer Gefsky and Niccole Kroll, offers resources that help women get up to speed on the ever-changing workforce. “We believe there should not be a motherhood penalty,” Après’ website reads. With continued success, Après could diminish the negative effects of taking a break.

Après on Twitter | Facebook | Instagram

11. Bella Kinesis

Inspiring women to become strong and confident

Photo from

Roshni Assomull and Shaleena Chanrai wanted to create an ethical sportswear brand that would encourage women to work toward becoming mentally and physically stronger. Bella Kinesis is the result of that mission. For every sale, the company donates money to fund business education for women in rural India in a “Strength for Strength” initiative.

Bella Kinesis on Twitter | Facebook | Instagram

Teisha McRae, @TeeM_Cee , is a contributing writer for InHerSight, whose mission is to improve the workplace for women by measuring it. She is a social media marketing coordinator and freelance writer in Raleigh, NC. For more on women in the workplace follow InHerSight on TwitterorFacebook.

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