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Y Combinator’s Online Community for Women in Tech Expands

Leap, an online community for women in tech, will soon become its own business called Elpha. Leap was created by Cadran Cowansage, a software engineer at the startup accelerator Y Combinator, after she realized the struggle women in tech face with finding answers in a field where they’re underrepresented. She launched the platform as part of Y Combinator, and it soon began to grow, helping hundreds of women find solace among other tech women. Soon, Leap is set to become Elpha, and the business will secure a spot in the next class of startups at Y Combinator.


This is a huge step in creating more networks to support women in tech with the goal of breaking down feelings of isolation in a male-dominated arena. The community of support has yielded real results: Many users have met their first angel investors—those who provide major capital for startups—on the platform or connected with women who’ve later referred them for jobs. Cowansage herself actually found her two co-founders for Elpha through the Leap platform. We’ll be wishing success upon Elpha!

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