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Non-Profit Callisto Releases Report on Investor Sexual Assault

Earlier this year, startup accelerator Y Combinator funded Callisto, a non-profit that’s building tech to combat sexual harassment and assault. YC and Callisto developed a survey to ask female founders if they’d ever been assaulted or harassed by an angel investor or venture capitalist in their startup career and sent the survey to 125 female founders who had participated in YC. The results showed that out of the 88 founders who responded, 19 had experienced one or more instances of sexual coercion, sexual contact, or sexual badgering. Many didn't report these violations, citing fear of retaliation or a desire to protect their companies. YC has developed a reporting system for inappropriate behavior and vows to continue funding startups that strive to eradicate unfair treatment of women in the workplace.

Sexual Harassment
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