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She Leads: Jade Chu Is Vice President of Software Engineering at Capital One

New to the industry, she’s becoming a stronger leader in the company’s supportive environment

Coding laptop
Photo courtesy of Capital One

This article is part of InHerSight's Partners in Diversity series. Discover companies partnering with InHerSight to better support women in the workplace.

The philosophy that drives Capital One’s culture seems straightforward: “Hire great people and help them live their best lives.” But there’s so much more impact behind that simple sentence. A company that prioritizes diversity of perspective, background, and experience. An open culture that allows people to challenge the status quo. A commitment to changing banking for good. 

One of InHerSight’s Best Companies to Work For, Capital One taps the brightest, most resilient people in the industry to build strong communities and deliver truly disruptive tech. Jade Chu, vice president of software engineering, digital customer experiences, is one of those industry-disrupting, community-builders. 

Chu, who’s been with the company for almost five years, has served on panels for cloud innovation and been a part of Capital One’s Emerging Leader Development Program, which empowers participants to transform their leadership skills and equip them with knowledge and techniques to cope with the unique challenges faced by leaders in the workplace. The program partners with Origins, a business resource group for Asian and Pacific Islander associates and allies. We asked Chu to share how life at Capital One has shaped her career trajectory as an individual, as a leader, and as a woman in the fintech industry. 

Jade Chu 

Vice President, Software Engineering, Digital Customer Experiences for almost 5 years at Capital One 

Her top three must-haves at work:

  • Management Opportunities
  • Learning Opportunities
  • The People You Work With 

First, tell us about what you do at Capital One. What’s your role, what are your responsibilities, and how did you get where you are? 

I lead Capital One’s digital customer experiences organization. My team is responsible for interactions on our mobile applications (iOS/Android) and websites, so customers can get their banking needs done online without going to a physical location or calling customer service. We work closely with our product, design, and data science partners to deliver core servicing and intelligent experiences, such as helping customers find their account, transaction details, and balance information. 

As an engineering leader, I’m responsible for successful delivery of large programs/projects, overall health of the services, the culture of the team, and  supporting career development and creating opportunities for engineers and leaders on my team. 

I started my career as a software engineer after graduating with my bachelor’s degree in computer science from the University of Maryland. Prior to Capital One, I worked in other industries, including tech/internet, media, advertising, and government.

How is the fintech industry changing?

The financial industry is currently undergoing transformation as customers' banking expectations are shifting from business days to near real-time. Capital One is embracing technology to get there. We’re building next-generation experiences and capabilities that leverage the public cloud, investing in cybersecurity to safeguard data and using customer insights to drive recommendations and help them quickly. 

For established industries, like banking, that have existing technology products and platforms, the modernization journey is a meticulous but rewarding process. To complete the tech transformation, fintech will need people with a variety of skill sets and backgrounds, and that's why Capital One is hiring great people. We're looking for innovators who can make banking better for everyone.

Capital One

Capital One is committed to changing banking for good. One of InHerSight’s Best Companies to Work For, the company stays true to diversity, equity, and inclusion goals in-house and in their communities, too. Through their Impact Initiative, Capital One prioritizes putting money and time into advocating for an inclusive society, building thriving communities, and creating financial tools that enrich lives. Explore more about Capital One’s culture and benefits at the link below.

Learn more ›

In what ways, whether through programming or otherwise, has Capital One supported your journey in this industry? 

Capital One has supported my learning and development from the start of my career here. I did not have knowledge of working in a regulated financial industry, and I’ve learned on the job. In my five years at Capital One, I rotated through three distinct roles in two different business units. Capital One’s support of career development through on the job training and leadership development is one that I am grateful for. 

I spent the bulk of my career prior to Capital One in the technology operations/cloud/infrastructure space. While I was deeply familiar with infrastructure development, I did not have any practical experience with front-end engineering. Capital One both supported my leadership development with a formal, year-long training program—the Emerging Leaders Development Program—as well as developed my skills as a versatile leader, moving from backend engineering to leading customer experiences on mobile/web. The support I experienced has made a meaningful impact on my career.

What are some ways you’ve seen Capital One’s support of women or underrepresented groups impact the careers of those around you? What about its influence on company culture? 

Capital One is a data-driven organization with a consensus-building culture. We have a number of support systems, including business resource groups (for women, women in tech, and many others), as well as associate programs for internal mobility and training. One aspect I truly appreciate has been the company’s approach to fostering a culture of diversity, inclusion, and belonging (DIB). Just like we set business objectives, we also set audacious goals and take steady and meaningful steps toward DIB.  

Lastly, what about Capital One has made working here a uniquely valuable experience? 

Capital One has exceeded my expectations about work. I’ve gained valuable management experience, learned a brand new industry in financial services, and I am most grateful for my colleagues.

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