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  1. Blog
  2. Partners in Diversity
  3. March 27, 2023

Match Made: How 15 People Knew They’d Found the Right Company

“Each person I met through my interview process and onboarding was incredible, kind, thoughtful, and top of their game”

Volley employee
Photo courtesy of Volley

This article is part of InHerSight's Partners in Diversity series. Discover companies partnering with InHerSight to better support women in the workplace.

A great company means something different to everyone, which is why InHerSight matches users to companies based on their desired must-haves, such as flexibility, paid time off, salary, remote work, and more.

We wanted to take that concept a step further. For our Match Made series, we asked employees at our partner companies this question: How did you know your company was a good match for you?

These responses not only illustrate the range of must-haves that make up our workforce, but also the diversity of company cultures there are to choose from. Check out these responses below, then, if you like what you see, explore the companies themselves—you might just make a match of your own.

Match made: Amazon

“I knew Amazon was a good match for me because of its focus on customers. Amazon is a company that is dedicated to making life easier for its customers, and Amazon’s innovative technology and customer-centric approach have revolutionized the way people shop. Working at Amazon gives me a sense of pride knowing that I am helping to make people’s lives easier and more convenient.” —Linette Springhorn, Sr. Product Manager, WW Events

“When I originally joined Amazon, I was drawn to one of our slogans. We used to say, ‘Be Peculiar.’ That ability as a team and company to be different and challenge the status quo was one of the main things that I related to, and still relate to. Amazon is filled with the smartest and most technical leaders, but we also have extremely diverse backgrounds, which allows us to think and solve problems differently. I joined this company because I was looking to join a team that would challenge my way of thinking, and teach me how to look at problems from a different perspective.” —Hannah Keller, Site Leader

“I knew Amazon was a fit for me from the beginning. Within a short time, I was partnering with and working among leaders who appreciated the insight and knowledge I brought to the table. I felt as though my opinions were valued. Even during times where I may have doubted my own abilities, the individuals and teams I worked closely with encouraged me along the way—a value that is so often taught but not frequently practiced. I knew this was the team I wanted to be a part of!” —Alyssa Walters, General Manager

Match made: Gradient AI

“Gradient AI offers a level of flexibility I haven't experienced in my previous roles. We have a flexible work arrangement, allowing employees to work remote, hybrid, or in office at our headquarters. Our unlimited paid time off also allows employees to take the time they need outside of work so they can be their best selves at work. Additionally, all employees are granted a level of flexibility in how they complete their work; this kind of autonomy allows creativity to flourish in every area of our organization.” —Brooke Wakeman, Recruiter

Match made: Hyperproof

“The people. Each person I met through my interview process and onboarding was incredible, kind, thoughtful, and top of their game. I knew I would have room to grow and learn while having a chance to share my expertise in areas I was deeply passionate about.” —Brooke Sullivan, Talent Leader

Match made: InfoTrust

“I've been here over a year now and, well, I feel happy. I carry this deep feeling of gratitude to be blessed with this company, which makes even the hard days feel good. I've never experienced that before. It must be the people-first culture, the transparency, our coworkers, everything.” —Christina Balles, Sr. Analytics Consultant 

Match made: Intuit

“I was recruited to Intuit from another tech company. I decided to take the interview and I was blown away by Intuit's interview process, which is called A4A (Assessing for Awesome). The interview process from beginning to end was thorough and efficient. I could tell that the team that I interviewed with was smart and welcoming and also diverse! I learned quickly that Intuit wasn't a company to sleep on. Five years later, it has definitely lived up to my expectations. As a single mom of two, I truly feel like I belong and feel extremely supported in my career.” —Breaunna Lake, Marketing Manager - Employer Brand, DEIB

“I knew that Intuit was the perfect match for me because of the importance they put on diversity, equity, and professional growth. Every day, I am surrounded by positivity and encouragement, which reinforces there’s no place I would rather be. Many companies do not invest in their employees and the relationship can feel very one-sided, especially for women. Intuit has invested in me since day one and helped me grow within my career. Intuit gets that humanity is diverse and embraces that in its culture every day!” —Dinah Marie McGee, TTLive Tax Expert Lead

Match made: Palo Alto Networks 

“When I joined Palo Alto Networks (PANW), I quickly realized that PANW values its real assets the most: its employees. The culture is to move super fast, take quick decisions and fail fast but never compromise empathy. Each employee is given opportunities to take an idea forward, nurture it and own it. This company is the right mix of customer focus and employee satisfaction. It is also a great company for EIC and employees who like to move laterally within the company. Finally, hybrid work policies are a huge hit! It helps finding the right work-life balance.” —Lavanya Ramani, Director, Software Engineering 

“I’ve always felt like a part of the team here. Inclusion is important to me, especially as an early-in-career employee and eager to drive change. I’ve learned so much in the past 1.5 years interning at Palo Alto Networks. I’ve been given opportunities to speak in front of leadership teams, execute meaningful projects that strengthened my skill set, and bring fresh ideas to the table that challenged the bounds of creativity—it felt natural to accept an opportunity full time. Diving into the corporate world can feel daunting, but choosing Palo Alto Networks has made my transition that much easier.” —Hailey Smyrniotis, Early Talent Programs Specialist

Match made: Pittsburgh Regional Transit

“I knew Pittsburgh Regional Transit (PRT) would be a good match for me after researching the company’s core values and conversing with a few colleagues about the company culture and the opportunity for growth. After being in my position for a few years now, I have realized that PRT truly emphasizes innovation and creativity in a family-like atmosphere and the core values of collaboration, customer service, equity, flexibility, integrity, and safety really align with my personal values and beliefs. I enjoy the ability to grow with this company and strengthen my skills through helping others.” —Michael Siegel, Maintenance Training Specialist- Rail 

“Seeing the amount of opportunities that Pittsburgh Regional Transit (PRT) provides to employees lets me know that it's a great match for me. Being with an organization that continually presents a wealth of opportunities lets me know that employee success, growth, and wellbeing inside of the workplace and beyond are a priority. In just eight months of working here, I was able to take advantage of more experiences than I could have ever imagined that helped me to excel professionally. I'm excited to see what other opportunities are in my future with PRT!” —Odessa Meredith, Digital Communications Specialist

Match made: Publicis Sapient

“Innovation requires collaboration with others, overcoming resistance from stakeholders, and investing valuable time and resources into generating solutions. I knew Publicis Sapient was the right workplace for me when I saw how our culture embraced innovation as a central tenet. Our unrelenting drive to innovate has paid off, allowing us to adapt and overcome the challenges created by evolving markets, achieve incredible growth, and build a culture driven by beneficial change.” —Jamie Smith, Product Manager

Match made: Volley

“Volley does a great job providing employees the room to grow and develop, both personally and professionally, all while equipping them with the right teams and support systems. We are a small (but quickly growing!) team that is, at the end of the day, building products meant to bring joy to others. I love being able to take ownership of my work, and it’s so fulfilling knowing my contributions are meaningful to the company’s goals. It’s the perfect match for me—innovative, community-oriented, and fun!” —Adrika Chakraborty, Product Analyst

Match made: VTS 

“I remember when I was getting interviewed for VTS, every interviewer along the way said ‘It's the perfect mix of a startup, with the backing and stability of a bigger company.’ When I started, I knew they were exactly right—there are lots of experienced engineers to learn from without feeling like you’re just another cog in the machine. Once I got acquainted with my team, I found that my manager prioritizes ensuring that I have fulfilling work. VTS gives me exactly what I look for in a job: balance and opportunities to work on what I want!” —Kshamina Ghelani, Software Engineer

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