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11 Traveling Jobs & How to Get Them

Fuel your wanderlust and get paid for it too

11 Traveling Jobs & How to Get Them

Traveling can be one of the great benefits of a job for those who’ve caught the bug. These days, finding a role that allows you to explore is easier than ever and doesn’t necessarily require years of education (and the money that requires).

Commercial diver

Median salary:$59,470

Education required: Diving certification

Becoming a scuba diving instructor can be costly and the entire process takes several months, so if this is the career you choose, carve out ample time for training and certification. If you’re certified to teach, you can introduce new students to the wonderful world of diving all over the world.

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Travel photographer

Median salary:$34,000

Education required: None, just some killer camera skills

If you love taking photos, you might as well be compensated for doing so. Establishing a career as a freelance photographer requires a lot of self-discipline and marketing savvy, but we’re pretty confident in you. Travel photographers might contract with brands, publications, or websites, or even with individuals to take wedding photos.

Professional chef

Median salary:$48,460

Education required: None, just superb skills in the kitchen (a degree from a culinary school or training program wouldn’t hurt)

Working in the restaurant industry can mean a very transient lifestyle, and you should absolutely play that to your advantage. As new a culinary enthusiasm expands worldwide (thank you, Great British Bake-Off and Chefs Table), you can take your talents to restaurants, bakeries, hotels, cruise ships, and even into private homes and events.

Travel nurse

Median salary:$71,730

Education required: Bachelor’s degree in nursing

Being a traveling nurse can be one of the most rewarding careers. They’re usually recruited to work for 13 to 26 weeks in a specific location, with all travel expenses are covered. Because traveling nurses are typically in high demand, expect to make slightly more money than a registered nurse who remains at a single hospital.

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Foreign service officer

Median salary:$88,996

Education required: Bachelor’s degree or higher in international relations or economics; a J.D. wouldn’t hurt

Foreign service officers are employed by the United States Department of State and are charged with “promoting peace, supporting prosperity, and protecting American citizens while advancing the interests of the U.S. abroad.” If you join the U.S. foreign service, you could be stationed in various countries around the world. Keep in mind, foreign service officers don’t always get a say about where they are assigned to work. On the upside, it’s a wonderful opportunity to immerse yourself in another culture.

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Athletic recruiter

Median salary:$33,780

Education required: Bachelor’s degree

Universities and professional sports teams employ athletic recruiters to visit campuses and various sporting events across the country to scout new talent. You’ll need to have an excellent working knowledge of sports and talent and be an avid sports enthusiast.

Event planner/coordinator/manager

Median salary:$49,370

Education required: Bachelor’s degree (or just some stellar organizational skills)

From weddings to trade shows to conferences, meetings, brand launches, and even parties, event coordinators bring a lot of moving pieces together to create seamless events. Not only are event planners employable just about anywhere, you can count on traveling just about anywhere, depending on the type of event you manage and how well you work your network.

Retail buyer

Median salary:$67,600

Education required: Bachelor’s degree

Retail buyers are tasked with attending trade shows, vendor events, and conferences across the country and even around the world to identify market and consumer trends and make decisions about what goods they company they represent should sell.


Median salary:$32,833

Education required: None, just a love of performance and some technical skills

When theater productions and musicians go on tour, they take a myriad roadies and stagehands with them. They assemble and disassemble the set and keep it all in good working order. Other responsibilities include driving tour buses or vans and, of course, traveling the world.

Truck driver

Median salary:$43,680

Education required: No formal education required, but you will need to complete a truck driving training course and have a commercial driver’s license

If you enjoy the pleasures of the open road, perhaps a career as a truck driver is for you. This is also a fine career option for introverts, as you spend hours driving in solitude. A commercial driver's license is a must, but once you have it, you'll be able to see the country from a road’s eye view as you deliver goods cross the country.

Cruise ship director

Median salary:$57,767

Education requirement: Bachelor’s degree

Cruise directors are tasked with handling all things entertainment aboard a cruise ship, from childhood activities to adult entertainment. They act as the “face” or figurehead of the boat, and can be often found emceeing events onboard.

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