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15 Self-Care Gift Ideas for Your Coworkers

It's not just bubble baths and face masks

self care gift
Photo courtesy of Ekaterina Shevchenko

’Tis the season of office holiday parties, white elephant shopping, and a few too many glasses of spiked eggnog. Shopping for coworkers can be difficult at times —how do you know what Jasmine in HR wants if you’ve only ever had a five minute conversation with her?

Never fear, self-care gifts are always welcomed. After working longer hours and finishing up projects before the holidays, a little self-care is just what everyone needs. So stock up and remember, self-care isn’t only about bubble baths.

Self-care gifts under $50

1. The Book HookUp

This one goes out to all the book-loving coworkers. This book subscription service delivers the hottest books right to your doorstep, and you get to choose from categories like feminist literature, mystery and suspense, art and photography, and timeless favorites.

2. Gift card for cleaning, childcare, grocery, or dog-walking services

Gift cards are always appreciated, but you can make it even more intentional for those who need time more than anything. Give a gift card for cleaning, childcare, grocery, or dog-walking services—anything that’ll help your coworker get the break they deserve.

3. Loose tea starter set

Give your tea-loving coworker a loose tea starter set so that they can enjoy their favorite hibiscus or rooibos tea at home, at work, or both.

4. Weighted blanket

There are several proven benefits of weighted blankets—better sleep, improved focus, reduced anxiety, and not to mention incredibly calming warmth.

5. Gym or yoga studio membership

You know that one coworker who loves staying fit? Buy them a membership for one month at a cool new gym they’ve been wanting to try out.

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Self-care gifts under $25

1. Planner

Yes, staying organized definitely counts as self-care. Buy your coworker a planner that’ll help them keep track of both their project deadlines and their mother’s birthday.

2. Tile

You know that one coworker who can never seem to keep track of their keys, wallet, and phone? Get them a Tile. It’s a Bluetooth tracker that they can attach to their keys, wallet, purse—whatever seems to escape them the most—so that they’ll never lose it again.

Self-care = not constantly worrying about where your personal belongings are.

4. Diffuser

Diffusers release relaxing essential oils into the air and can have several aromatherapeutic effects like stress relief and improved breathing.

5. Half Baked Harvest Cookbook

Cooking is my favorite way to take care of myself—mentally and physically. This beautifully crafted cookbook is full of heart-warming and soul-quenching recipes for everyone, from super healthy to super indulgent.

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Gifts under $15

1. You Are a Badass: How to Stop Doubting Your Greatness and Start Living an Awesome Life

It’s hard to rival snuggling up beside a fire with a good book during the holidays. Reading definitely equals self-care, and this self-improvement book by Jen Sincero is the perfect read for your coworker who needs to shed some bad habits in order to start living their best life.

2. Bright ideas journal

Get this journal for your coworker who wants to start a journaling practice but needs a few prompts to get started. There are 10 different color-coded sections of the journal with topics like red hot ideas, blazing breakthroughs, and deep reflections.

3. The Mindfulness Coloring Book: Anti-Stress Art For Busy People

Coloring books aren’t just for kids anymore—coloring can be a fun way for adults to practice mindfulness and de-stress. This best-selling coloring book features tons of relaxing designs to color and helps busy workers channel their stress into fun focus.

4. Movie tickets

Surprise your film buff coworker with movie tickets (or a theater gift card) to that new movie they’ve been dying to see. Hook them up with popcorn, candy, soda, you know—the whole nine yards.

5. Lavender eye pillow

Lavender has many aromatherapeutic benefits and is proven to relieve stress, headaches, and help with better sleep. Lavender-scented eye pillows block out light, can be heated or chilled, and are perfect for sleeping, meditation, and yoga.

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