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7 Office Games That Give Life to Even the Dreariest of Workplaces

These games are seriously amusing and addicting

Coworkers finishing an office game
Photo courtesy of fauxels

Office life can be boring. Employers may try to mix things up with holiday parties, potluck meals, and happy hours, but the fact remains that these events are often not enough to spice up the day-by-day of your office.

This is where employees can take matters into their own hands with some creative games that keep the fun going way longer. Not only will office games lift morale at work, they’ll also help build relationships as coworkers break out of their typical professional personas. In fact, 70 percent of people say having a friend at work is the most important piece of having an overall happy experience in the office. New connects could be just a game away.

Game-changing office games

1. Guess Who? (...that coworker is)

We’re all familiar with the popular board game from our childhood with Alfred, Betty, and all their unique friends.

Use a standard Guess Who? board game but swap the illustrations with pictures of your coworkers. If you’re a smaller company, feel free to add celebrities or TV show characters.

To take this game to the next level, ask questions not related to appearance. This will create more of a challenge and help you learn more about the people you work with.

2. LEGO creations

A common team-building exercise is collaborating on a jigsaw puzzle. Some even make it a competition to beat the clock or barter with other teams for missing pieces.

For a twist on this classic challenge, why not use LEGO?

Come together to pick a set for everyone to help build, and then let the creative juices flow. If you don’t want to make it a time trial, lay out the pieces on a conference table or in common space so team members can work on creations during down their time or on a midday break. You may even strike up a conversation with a coworker while you’re busy crafting.

3. Binder clip tag

This office game involves a little bit of sneaky behavior and persistence, but can become an office favorite everyone is invested in.

All you need is a binder or paper clip to start. During the workday, players attempt to attach the clip to a coworker’s shirt, jacket, or bag without being noticed. If planted successfully, this person is now “it.” Once they discover the tag, it’s their turn to do the same to another colleague.

Make it more fun by creating a penalty—like unloading the dishwasher—for the last person in possession of the clip at the end of the day or the player who is caught in the act.

4. Bonus Jenga

Grab any old game of Jenga and brainstorm actions for each block like, use your non-dominant hand on the next turn, take your next turn with your eyes closed, or tell the group about your very first job.

This game can easily be played by a large group and can even help you learn about your coworkers.

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Desk games to play at work

5. Waste basketball

Practice your shots with crumpled papers and a wastebasket. Complete a quick game of HORSE with your nearest coworker for a pick-me-up on a long day.

6. Quote master

If your office tends to be accepting of chatter—and occasional shouting—try this unconventional game. Choose one employee to start. This person will think of a famous quote or saying and randomly during the workday shout out the first half. Whoever can complete the quote first becomes the new “quote master” and may strike with a quote whenever they like.

7. Office Bingo

This office game combines two classics: Bingo and a scavenger hunt.

Make custom Bingo boards by filling in the squares with common events that take place in your office, like the printer stops working, someone brings up the weather, or that one impossible client emails with an impossible task.

Always be alert and fill in your spaces as you go, making a note of the day and specific event. See who fills up all their spaces first!

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