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9 High-Paying Jobs for College Students

Study and make money

College student looking for a high-paying job
Photo courtesy of Gabrielle Henderson

Paying for college is no easy feat. Most college students work at least a part-time job while in school, sometimes for a little extra spending money, but many times to pay down those hefty tuition bills or foot the rent bill. Finding the time in your school schedule to hold down a job can be difficult, and finding one that pays well can be even harder.

Here are nine great jobs for college students that pay a healthy wage, many of which are super flexible, or even totally remote.

1. Tutor or online tutor

Whether you have an interest in tutoring children or helping out your peers, tons of online companies are always looking for new tutors to teach math, language arts, and even test preparation techniques to other students. You can even check with your college’s career center, which may have a peer-tutoring program.

According to, you can pull down $30–$40 per hour

2. Waiter / Waitress

If you’re someone who has great customer service skills, a job as a server at a restaurant could be great for you. While the base pay for servers is usually minimum wage or lower, working nights and weekends at a high-dollar restaurant can earn you solid money in tips.

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3. Dog walker

For any college student, the flexibility of a dog walker’s schedule is golden! With hourly rates ranging from $15.00–$20.00, walking dogs could really help you save a little extra money, and get a little exercise too. Sites like Rover can get you connected to dog owners in search of walkers like you.

4. Transcriptionist

Transcriptionists might listen to audio and write down what’s being said, or they might even watch movies or TV and transcribe the dialogue (not a bag gig, eh?). Sites like TranscribeMe, Quicktate, and Rev will connect you to transcription work, you’ll just need to pass a test that demonstrates you can type quickly and accurately. You can expect to earn $10–$25, depending on the company, job, and your skill level.

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5. Bartender

Are you a night owl? Do you function better when the sun is down? Maybe a job that works the swing shift is better for you! Study up on your craft drinks and land a job slinging high-end cocktails and you could make some solid cash. Also check out hotel bars, which can land you clientele with deep pockets. Bartenders make an average of $12.00–$16.00 per hour.

6. Barista

Barista typically work daytime hours, but this kind of work could be just right if you’re trying to balance your work schedule with night classes. Barista’s make about $10–$12 per hour, but if you land a job for a company like Starbucks, you could get your college tuition reimbursed.

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7. Babysitter

Sites like and Sittercity make it easy for you to find parents in need of a qualified babysitter. And with most sites like these, you’d be able to learn about the family you’d be working with before you say yes. Nannies/babysitters make an average of $16 per hour, and most babysitting gigs are, of course, on nights and weekends.

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8. Fitness instructor

You might be surprised to find out that fitness instructors make an average of $23 per hour ! While you’ll likely need training or certifications to lead workout classes, many gyms and fitness studios are willing to teach employees all they know about staying in shape and maintaining good health as long as they're dedicated to teaching other people. You could also check the fitness center at your university to see if they offer training courses for instructors, or even if they’re hiring.

9. Data entry specialist

Data entry is a great job for college students because the work can be done from just about anywhere, anytime, all you need is a computer and internet access. Clickworker and the Smart Crowd are sites where you can find data entry work that can average you $14–$17 per hour.

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