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Very Unsatisfied Rater
Early Career

Overall was a nice experience. Generally kind people, however, i had a situation. My ex was crazy and stalking me. He came into the store and physically asulted my coworker. My manager rightfully wanted to relocate me but i was blamed for the incident and punished as if I had a part in my crazy ex’s plan to ruin my life. I was scolded heavily and told I was untrustworthy and no longer reliable. My manager treated me horribly after even though I never missed work unless I had a true emergency. I work late hours often and was denied lunch breaks at times because she needed help closing and I was tolerant of it all until I was blamed for that and punished for someone else’s ridiculous actions that I had no part of. So I left after that and won’t work for the company again if that’s how they treat loyal employees.

Very Satisfied Rater
Early Career

I loved working at Starbucks! We got 10 minute breaks frequently and free coffee! They thoroughly train all their employees before expecting them to perform and for the most part, morale was high! I would definitely recommend this job to anyone seeking an entry-level customer service position.

Very Satisfied Rater
Early Career

The company's motivatipns have shifted over the years; starbucks holds higher value in numbers and sales than the people who make it possible. Customers are to be manipulated into buying the newest over-priced low-quality release and employees are the chess pieces in the game of money. They market the company opposite of that, when really they're sadly hanging onto what used to be Starbucks.

Indifferent Rater
Early Career

Working at Starbucks on Wall Street has allowed me to understand the needs of customers in the area, effeciency is rated by speed as well a positive attitude in the work place. Professionalism is a must at the Starbucks on Wall Street due to it being such a high stress environment for customers. Reaction time must be above satisfactory and flexibilty from the employer and the employer creates an ideal workplace. My ability to adapt in almost any situation, whether it be professional or casual, my give me the ability to be an asset to the company. Creativity is also encouraged in the workplace which has permitted me to use my artistic skills to benefit the company.

Satisfied Rater

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