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Love Myers-Briggs and Enneagram? Try This Personality Quiz for Creatives

Find out which one of the eight creative types you are

woman thinking outside
Photo courtesy of Katii Bishop

So you identify as a “creative,” the buzzword that’s circulating among freelancers and office dwellers, alike. You’re more than the average worker—you have a creative part of your brain that aids and enhances all of the work you do.

We’re actually all creatives, but we don’t all create in the same way. From problem-solvers to designers, everyone is different and brings dynamic perspectives to the table.

Have you ever wondered what type of creative you are? Never fear. Adobe launched a quiz in April that calculates your creative type. Inspired by popular personality assessments such as Myers-Briggs and the Enneagram, The Creative Types quiz is a simple, 15-question test backed by science and psychology that results in one of eight types.

Developed with Anyways Creative and Carolyn Gregoire, co-author of Wired to Create: Unraveling the Mysteries of the Creative Mind, the quiz assesses your basic habits and thought patterns to help you better understand the way you create.

Whether you’re looking to change careers or trying to find a better way to approach your current job, distinguishing your creative pattern from these eight types could help.

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The Artist

The gist: Creation is key for Artist types. Drawn to expression and beauty, you work best in aesthetically pleasing environments that allow you to follow your instincts and create in a state of flow.


  • Creative blocks rarely happen. You almost always have an idea and a vision of where a project can go.

  • You know your audience well and create work that connects with and inspires others.


  • When creative blocks do happen, they’re usually a result of emotions running high. Learn to tap into your logical brain to push through these blocks.

  • Fear and self-doubt are your biggest obstacles. Try taking a break and revisiting some of your old work or reach out to a friend for support when that pesky imposter syndrome creeps up on you.

The Thinker

The gist: A love of learning and discovery fuels the Thinker type’s creative work. Your quest for new knowledge will be a lifelong pursuit that carries you from project to project.


  • Curiosity didn’t kill the Thinker type. Your stamina for learning new things will make you well-versed in every creative project you work on.

  • You are able to see the bigger picture in most situations and don’t get caught up in too many trivial details.


  • A love of spending time alone with your thoughts can get you stuck in your head and lead to creative blocks. Learning to balance your ideas with what you can actually do will keep you from going too deep into abstractions.

  • You think of great ideas, but follow-through can be a challenge. Start jotting those ideas down and bringing them to life.

The Adventurer

The gist: Adventurer types like just that—adventure. Unlike the Artist, you don’t require a certain environment to fuel your creativity. Your high energy and endless enthusiasm will provide you boundless inspiration.


  • Inspiration comes easy. You’re inspired often, and you will follow your ideas wherever they lead you.

  • If you’re an Adventurer, you probably have multiple skills, hustles, and hobbies going at once. This means you’re a fast learner and you’re happy to bring ideas to life.


  • Misplacing your energy in projects that aren’t fulfilling can cause you to become frustrated and even depressed. If you’re feeling burned out and don’t have a meaningful outlet for all of your creative energy, move on to something you’re more passionate about. If you’re in an office, consider looking into other areas where people might need temporary help and channel your energy into developing a new skill.

  • If your team members or coworkers aren’t Adventurers, you might get the urge to strike out on your own. But your natural storytelling ability is best when shared with others. Keep the ideas flowing in a group setting, and inspire others to match your energy level.

The Maker

The gist: The Maker type creates in 3D—figuratively and literally. You’ve got the drive, the focus, and the innovation to develop multi-faceted ideas.


  • Dedicated to the creative process, you are a hard worker who goes above and beyond to complete projects.

  • A natural problem-solver, you excel in areas like design that meld brain power with hands-on creation.


  • Because you’re often focused on process and structure, you sometimes struggle to connect deeply with your emotions and creative instincts. Tap into your intuition to bring authenticity to your work.

  • While productivity and efficiency are important, they’re only half of the creative process. Allow yourself to dream big and be inspired by unconventional ideas.

The Producer

The gist: Do you connect with people on a pragmatic level? Do you enjoy analysis and realism? You might be the Producer type. The ultimate “get‘er done” person, you’re ready to do whatever you have to do to create something great.


  • Creating short- and long-term goals is key for Producers. When you start a project with a specific outcome in mind, you’re likely to achieve it.

  • You’re an organized creative, which means you collaborate well and are a natural leader, motivating people to use their specific skills to work together and create something that others can benefit from.


  • Goals are good, but don’t get too caught up in the process. Tap into your inner voice and allow your creative intuition to guide the way through your organized plan.

  • A natural leader, your instinct might not be to stray from the path. Seek the company of imaginative people who can inspire you to think outside the box.

The Dreamer

The gist: Beauty, metaphors, and hidden meanings fuel the Dreamer type’s creative process. So you have your head in the clouds? That’s not always a bad thing.


  • A vivid imagination allows you to develop ideas that many wouldn’t think of and to turn practicality on its head when systems or processes get too muddled.

  • Sensitive and empathetic, Dreamers connect with people on a deep level and understand human emotion well.


  • Dreaming is only half of the creative equation. Learn to balance your imaginative nature by centering yourself in the present moment and taking physical action.

  • Grounding yourself can be a constant obstacle. Try collaborating with someone who is a bit more practical and can inspire you to think of the real-world effects of your ideas.

The Innovator

The gist: Innovator types are problem-solvers through and through. If you can use your creativity to focus on solutions and improve the systems in place, you’re one happy creative.


  • You’re not afraid to take risks or think outside the box.

  • You see change as a good thing. Constant movement and progress motivate you to create a brighter future through whatever project you’re working on.


  • Your need for change can tempt you to move onto the next project too quickly. Remember to follow through and learn to draw joy from the in-between times.

  • You find it hard to create in baby steps. Draw inspiration from people who have creative stamina and allow them to help you see projects through.

The Visionary

The gist: Visionary types like to see the world as it could be, not as it is. You are full of ideas and ready to implement them.


  • Emotional and passionate, you take the vivid imagination of the Dreamer and meld it with the practicality of the Producer. Not only do you have out-of-the-box ideas, but you also have the motivation to follow through on them.

  • Fueled by a sense of community, you see potential in everyone and are a natural leader, inspiring your team members to see the best in themselves.


  • Though you’re a balanced type, your internal seesaw often likes to tilt toward your Dreamer instincts. Remember to take daily action to bring your ideas to life.

  • You make a great leader, but don’t forget to rely on others in your team to be your “voice of reason” and keep you on track while you create.

Take the quiz now and see which creative type you are!

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